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Found 10 results

  1. I was pulling out some older cos 11 lavs that I haven't used for a while, and one of the mics' cable sheath has started to degrade. It looks normal, but the entire length of it has gone sticky. I'm going to try a few terrifying solvents I have lying around (start with citrus, then alcohol, then naphtha, then xylene, then acetone, then Methyl Ethyl Ketone) but wondering if anyone has come up against this and can recommend a fix? The mic works fine apart from the fact that I can throw it at the ceiling like a piece of spaghetti and it will stick... The one interesting thing about this mic is that it was bought second hand with a transmitter, and it's sheath always seemed a bit different than all my other Cos 11's, I not sure whether Sanken changed how they manufacture the cable at some point, or whether it got contaminated with something at some point in its lifespan. Any thoughts? Cheers, Brent Calkin
  2. I've emailed Lectro already, but I'm curious if anyone can help me in here. I recently purchased some secondhand x2 ucr411a's and a um400 unit. They are in great physical condition and the UCR411a's are as amazing as ever. However, the UM400 unit is giving me some trouble with its connection. Whenever I plug in a mic I get a low frequency rumble and static. I'll link audio recordings of the problem here https://youtu.be/mea6MYKZA7I and I'll include pictures of the connector/internals of the unit here as well. (not going to take apart the motherboard because I'm scared lol) Stinks because I just got these, but I wanna see if its a simple fix or needs a trip to the mothership. Cheers soundies and thank you Lectro for the awesome products.
  3. Hi all, Did a search for "soldering" but didn't find a recommendation for a basic soldering gun/iron kit for a novice repair. I've got an ever growing pile of good cables that I'd love to fix - mainly 1/4 " guitar cords and XLR mic cables. Is there a good soldering kit that you'd recommend? In the meantime, back to the Youtube videos to learn more :-)) Thanks for your kind advice. Keep well, Dave
  4. Hey friends. Sent my KM185 in for repair because it was squealing like this. See attached. They sent it it back saying they couldn’t replicate the problem. I was having no problem that day on set though! Humidity or weird RF? This unit was supposedly manufactured after the latest revision but it’s the only things I can think that would be intermittent. Cheers Adam neumann_km185_hissing.wav
  5. My Edirol R-4 Pro timecode recorder has been my workhorse for many years. https://proav.roland.com/global/products/r-4_pro/ It powers up and all other functions appear fine, except when the Record button is pressed would light up, but not activate. I have reached out to Roland for the pressure switch part, but I would need a tech to put it in. Best, Mano
  6. Hey! I have a mic (DPA 4060) with a torn outer jacket, halfway up the cable. Microphone seems fine, no damage to the shield or cabling itself. Anyone have repair methods to share? A particular gauge of heat-shrink, type of tape, or liquid repair? cheers Adam
  7. So earlier on set today my Tram TR-50 BPS got yanked and broke at the base of the power supply. I was wounding if anyone knows how to disassemble the power supply so I can get access to the XLR circuit board without damaging anything?
  8. I have a Canare breakaway cable that I use to connect my SD 302 to camera. Recently, I've encountered a problem where one of the channels on the return will cut out. I had been able to fix it by jiggling the 1/8" return cable at the camera end, but that has stopped working. I unscrewed the housing and there doesn't appear to be any broken connections (though I'm no expert). There was also a broken connection at the 8-pin connector end of the camera end, but a friend soldered that back for me, which seemed to fix it. Has anyone else had this problem? Were you able to fix it yourself? What should I be looking for? Would it be better to just send it to Canare for repair? Do they even do that? Thanks for any help ya'll can give me! p.s. I've included a few pics, though you can't really tell much from them.
  9. I have begun a compilation of professional audio equipment suppliers as a general resource. It's an incomplete resource as of today (August 20, 2012) but there is room to grow. I have listed Gotham Audio and Pro-Sound in the East, Trew Audio in the Central region, Trew (again) in Canada and The Audio Department, Trew/Coffey and Location Sound in the West. There are other candidates for inclusion, like Mary Atias (ATS Communications) in Maryland and Vark Audio, also in Maryland, and, no doubt, some others. I held off in this initial attempt at a list since I think there should be some ground rules for inclusion and I didn't want to assume the responsibility for doing all the vetting. And, I think that participants in other countries should help to expand the list to Europe and Australia and the Far East. To be on the list, I believe that the resource should be a full-service shop. It should be an authorized dealer for most of the primary equipment used by location audio professionals. That's an ever-evolving list but would certainly include Lectrosonics, Sound Devices, Zaxcom, Sennheiser, Schoeps, Neumann, Rode, Sanken, Aaton, Portabrace, Petrol and others of that ilk. No shop will have every brand, of course, but a full service shop ought to have many lines to offer and compare. Part of being a full-service shop is offering a range of services. So, it should offer not just sales but also repairs, rentals, custom cable fabrication and related services. All of the facilities in this list provide all those services, have knowledgeable sales people and equipment specialists and can provide comprehensive assistance to anyone seeking to purchase or upgrade a recording system. I posted here, rather than in the equipment section, because I regard this as a general resource, not simply about equipment. It's my thinking that this thread should be "frozen" so that it is readily available and so new visitors to the site, seeking general advice, may be easily directed. David The first draft of the list follows in a separate post.
  10. Hi I just purchased a used Lectrosonics wireless setup and the M-140 has a bad termination. The NYC store I purchased it at won't back up the deal - they said this used gear is "AS IS." I need to get the mic fixed - any place recommended and what should that cost. Seems straight forward. THANKS!!!
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