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I watched the whole video, the guy is incredibly enthusiastic and the product looks very interesting. They look like old style cell phones or cordless phones. If they work as advertised they seem very reasonably priced and very flexible in terms of input sources. The biggest issue I think would be latency with all the frequency hopping and range --- they state that maximum range seems to be around 100 feet so that would certainly limit its use for us. I hope someone actually buys a set and tells us all about it --- at this point I don't really want to spend any more money on equipment experiments.

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Annoying animation at this site but there is a good specification write up available at their SITE.

excerpted from site:

- Stereo digital wireless system for every instrument in the band

- 16-bit, 48 kHz Stereo CD Audio Quality (Uncompressed Audio)

- Digital, linear audio with 15Hz ~ 20KHz performance with deep bass, crisp highs, and excellent midrange tones

- Simple, elegant, rugged, ultra-lightweight design

- Fast easy setup

- Total wireless freedom of movement

- Extreme power flexibility with built-in rechargeable batteries, USB bus power capability and optional AA battery adapter

- No need to power down or stop your performance to recharge the batteries

- Dual internal antenna for automatic backup frequency

- Networks with all Wi digital wireless products for customized audio signal routing matrix for on-stage and studio setups

- Automatic audio signal routing from one transmitter to up to eight receivers sequentially with a press of a button

- Cross platform compatibility with the Wi USB AudioLink transmitter for PC, MAC and iPad

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I spoke with WI digital yesterday regarding this product. The current audio link is a one to one link. One transmitter, one receiver. The current model cannot transmit to more than one receiver at the same time. They are currently working on a product with the working title "Audio Link DJ" which will provide one transmitter to multiple receivers. Price point expected to be below $400 and roll out is scheduled for march. This version will only support line-level input but seems usable as a camera hop from the bag mixer and also ifb applications although still limited to about 100ft range. I have looked at using wireless in-ear monitor systems but the crosstalk is terrible. WI claims that becuase their signal is digitized at the source, the crosstalk is very very low.

Also, a musician friend who is using this as a wireless guitar send describes very low latency. Low enough that it doesn't register as a player, which means likely something lower than 7ms.

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Took delivery of the WI digital Systems audiolink on Thursday. Used it for an IFB to director and scriptie.

Here's my first impressions after using it for 2 15hr days:

Get an external USB power supply for both tranny and receiver. The Audiolink has a non-replaceable, internal rechargeable battery that's good for about 4 hrs. With a 2 AA usb supply, I ran all day without battery change/charge. This also adds to the bulkiness of the units but still provides a fairly small package.

Range is very limited: outdoors, about 150ft, indoors, about 75ft. This was my biggest dissapointment.

Construction is all plastic. I don't expect a long life in the field.

No meters, not even a peak led. You configure for the appropriate input level, and that's it. I was feeding it the transcribers output from my Alphamix at line level.

Latency is about 10ms.

Sound quality is good, This is a 16 bit/41 khz system. The reciever has the power to drive to headphones thru a splitter at moderate levels on a quiet set. Likely not strong enough for loud run and gun. Very good channel separation. Much better than stereo wireless in-ear systems..

Controls are minimal and not lockable but do retain configuration between uses.

Belt clip is adequate for IFB stuff. You'll need to figure your own mount for hot shoe. And that'll have to hold an external battery as well.

I have not tried it as a camera hop to DSLR, but I'm quessing it'll need an attenuator between the reciever and the camera for 3.5mm DSLR audio. You'll need adapters to send to a camera with XLRs. It comes with quite a selection of cables, but no XLR.

It's an under $200 digital audio link. What can you say. It worked, but I was having a hard time trusting it (like I do with most things I can't monitor). I will have to use it a few more times before deciding whether I'll buy their one-to-many system (which comes packaged with 1 transmitter and 2 recievers and will support 1 additional reciever).

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I bought one of this units for a doco i was working on. We were shooting on Red and the camera already had enough bulk on it to put a lock-it box and a g2 receiver (and they wanted scratch track and TC link but wireless.

So i used this unit as i was never going to be more than 100ft away from camera.

I got some cables done splitting the stereo mini jack to mini-xlr and lemo, so i could send TC on one channel and audio on the other.

It worked very well, there was no noticeable cross on the channels, latency was fine, TC synched fine, quality was good for a scratch track and for the director to watch dailies with sound.

I powered the transmitter from my 788t usb port, and powered the receiver from the RED one usb port (probably the first ever person to use this port), so never had to worry about power.

It was a very specific use, and the fact that both units had USB helped a lot. Is a good unit to have as an extra in your kit, but maybe not the main camera hop for any situation.

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