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wave agent anyone


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i have been trying to download this software for 3 days through the sound devices website. I have tried many times and with different emails, but there is no download link coming through.

I was thinking maybe I could ask someone to send the installer to me as this is quite urgent.


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We had one report on our forums of the links not coming through.

This was the final result:

Seems gmail has a bloody "pre-spam" folder that stops mail before it even gets to the "normal" spam folder referenced by my mail software on the mac. I've no idea why gmail would decide that the references fron SD for the downloads OR the email from technical support would be considered hyperspam but the auto reply from technical came through fine

Lesson..... If email seems to be missing check on the gmail server in spam as opposed to just checking spam in your mail app.

If your email is filtered through any outside servers, make sure and check their spam folders as well

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anybody can help me too sending me an installer? I'm trying everyday but the link in the email that they send me it's not working.

please, i need it.


I just tried it and the email came quickly and the link worked properly.

There were issues last week, but they seem resolved.

Remember, you must use the link right away. It is only good for 24 hours.

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Last week we changed the email authentication process for the link sent via email, since this was being an issue with everyone, including us here at the factory. It is now sending through our regular company SMTP server. This is the first report of difficulty since we turned this on. My guess is that there was something cached in your browsing session with Chrome that caused a glitch. If you have a few, clear your cache and see if the process works.

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