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Denecke TS-3 to Sound Devices 664 issue


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Hi guys, 


I have a shoot coming up and the production wants to use the Denecke TS-3 smart slate and I'm trying to jam it using my Sound Devices 664 but I'm have issues.  


I've used the TS-C slate before and jammed using a lemo cable and everything worked great but this is the first time I've used the TS-3.  



I've set the TS-3's slate rotary knob to 23 frames per second and put it in the read mode but when I power cycle it trying to jam from my 664 the screen just goes blank after it says rEAd. I have a feeling it has to do with my settings on the 664 which I have set to:


Sync Reference: Internal

Timecode Mode: Free Run

Frame Rate: 23.976

Hold Off: 0.0s

Set Generator TC: 00:00:00:00

Set Ubits: 07:28:2013 


If anyone could offer any ideas or solutions it would be a huge help and relief on my part! 



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You'll need a BNC to 1/4" Tip/Sleeve cable. Output the TC from the 664 to the BNC split cable for Timecode I/O, put a BNC barrel adapter on the TC out portion, and connect your BNC to 1/4" Tip/Sleeve to the slate. Make sure your jam button is switched to "OFF" before plugging in the 1/4". You should see numbers moving. Switch jam button on slate to "ON" and unplug the 1/4" cable. Works for me...


Steve Wytas


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Ah, if the TS3 comes up in REad, then the switch inside the battery compartment may be set the wrong way. It should just jam automatically if the TC source and slate are both in 23.98 mode. Make sure that switch is set to Run, not Read:




You want position #4, then the Run/Read switch to Run. You can also call Denecke (new number: 661-607-0206) and they can talk you through it.

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Thanks for all the responses.  


Unfortunately,  I believe it's the bnc to 1/4 I'm trying to use.  After switching the slate to the "run" mode, I'm no longer getting the rEAd error and the slate is set to the right frame rate but it just isn't jamming automatically to the 664's TC like it should.


It keeps starting at 00:58:30:01 everytime. I'm guessing the cable I'm using is just wired the wrong direction. 

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I always carry a spare TC cable in the slate box. Haven't had to use it yet, but crap can happen. I'm not a fan of those Y-connector cables that have Lemo -> XLR male & XLR female (which I see widely used), so I had a custom Lemo out -> 1/4" plug cable made so there's absolutely no chance I'll grab the wrong end. The Lemo's are a connector I'm not competent enough to wire myself, so those I have to get done for me.


When in doubt, I always carry a little powered speaker for test purposes so I can run TC out and just momentarily check that there is a signal there. Troubleshooting stuff like this, especially in fast-paced situations, is really important. 

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