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Lavalier concealers question


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I was thinking about plastic/rubbery lav concealers such as this DPA one: http://a248.e.akamai.net/origin-cdn.volusion.com/b3o4z.gn3gt/v/vspfiles/photos/9999-13614-2.jpg?1362991732


Currently the lavs I have are Rode Lavs and OST TL-40's. Does anyone know of lav concealers that work well with these mics? 


What about these quieting sleeves, anyone tried these and what did you think about them? http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/417402-REG/Garfield_SGARHL_Hush_Lav_Lavalier.html



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Christian, yes I have indeed noticed they are a bit lacking in the high end when hidden. For some gigs I am now stuck with either them or rentals though, since I'm having trouble with the TL40 connectors and my Senn G3's. I am mostly stuck with the Rodes now until I either send the TL40's for connector switching or get some Sennheiser connectors and switch them myself.


I have however gotten good results with the Rode Vampire clip, mounting the mic so that it's close to the edge of whichever piece of clothing it's attached to, so more high end gets through. This doesn't work all the time of course, and the concealers would of course give more options.

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The plastic dpa concealers are the best. I like the rm-11, but the dpa concealer has less surface friction, smaller profile (rise), can be stitched into clothing and is easy to apply two sided tape to. The cons of the dpa concealer? Well, price.

I use the dpa 4061s with the concealers all the time. If you want me to measure anything for reference just let me know.


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