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Tascam DR10 Timecode solution

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The advantage of Mat and Matt's Tascam solution is that they also produce a custom made Tascam top plate for Wisycom, Lectrosonics etc. This means that for sound mixers that don't already own Zaxcom gear (and very possibly cannot afford to switch over to it) they can still run a very accurate bodyworn timecode recorder in tandem with still receiving a wireless signal.

Zaxcom's market in the UK is relatively niche, so wireless rentals or 'borrowing off colleagues' is somewhat more difficult than in the US. As a Nomad owner I would probably play with Zax wireless much more often if it were easier to do so.

I know many recordists who have gone the route of the ZFR however.

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somewhere between £100 and £200.


Hi Matt,nice box, but wish Hammond would make a slightly smaller one. I was wondering about making something LTC_ish, then I checked the FCC prices, 10K-ish,  ouch



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Hello Axel,

Thanks! Yes, we're still working on this box and hope to get it finished at some point soon. Mat and I are both recordists and have been tied up doing the "day job" for the past few months, it's the busy season for work in the UK at the moment.

We'll definitely keep any developments updated here (and elsewhere).

Thanks, Matt.

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On 12/20/2015 at 9:34 PM, Tyler Faison said:

Hey Mat(t)s! Any update on this thingamajig? 

Hi Tyler,


Well..... we've finalised the code and schematic but hit delays with enclosure design and PCB printing. We're both kind of learning as we go with this kind of stuff, and trying to get it done while being busy with the day job and having kids etc. is proving difficult. We've both been pretty busy over the last few months with the run up to Christmas but I'm hoping to look back over this in the new year when things are a bit quieter.

Thanks, Matt.

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On 7/21/2015 at 3:40 PM, Marc Wielage said:

I was surprised to see these are all over eBay for as little as $179. I don't think they're ideal as a pro audio product, but for certain desperate situations, it could be useful as a double-secret-emergency backup.

Haha, I love your terminology there! It is the back up you don't want them to know about ;-)

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