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Is it possible to block pop-up ads and videos on websites?

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It seems like no matter what webpage I visit these days I have to click out of an annoying pop up ad or video that automatically starts streaming. I normally browse in Safari and have pop-ups blocked. Just wondering if there's a better way of blocking all the commercials. 


Any info is appreciated. 


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there are a bunch of ad blockers, flash video blockers, facebook ad blockers, gmail ad blockers for firefox. adblock plus didnt do everything, so you might want to overdo it with tools and then see what works better.

i really like the tool that makes website cookies self destruct when you close the tab.

you can disable it for pages you need to keep cookies for.


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I use Firefox w/ Adblock Plus and  Adblock Plus Pop-up Addon  extension plugs. (The latter has options to allow pop-ups on certain websites or pages.

I also use the Shockwave Flash player plug-in set to, "Ask to Activate" which gives the options  'Allow Now' or 'Allow and Remember' when applicable. Though this can be a PITA sometimes. The setting is easy to enable/disable though.

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There are ads on the internet?

Using my computer, you'd never know. ;)

I use Chrome browser, with Ublock Origin and Adblock, and a whole collection of custom rules that I have been tweaking for over 10 years of using adblockers and script stoppers. Let me see if I can paste my custom rule file into the forum here, and you can just copy/paste into your settings.


Edit: I can actually export them, so here you go - Ublock Origin custom rules. Then select the list subscriptions to get most of the rules, and these lists are very good - 99% of nonsense is stopped right out with them


Screenshot 2016-02-13 00.43.22.png

Screenshot 2016-02-13 00.43.02.png



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