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  1. And besides: Not knowing your battery is about to die immediately disqualifies this battery.
  2. So it is not the battery but the transmitter design. And in this scenario NIMH will have a better run time considering the higher mAh and the way lectrosonics draws less when voltage is lower. You can also decrease your RF power to extend your run time. Still nothing to do with the battery.
  3. To calculate the run time we are comparing the same devices at the same draw right?
  4. I had no idea mah means something else but milliampere hour. sorry. Don’t mean to be an asshole. But I think since the great senator Mike Michaels is not participating anymore I will try to put his weight and his tradition on my shoulders. 🙂
  5. At the same draw mAh power is mAh power. It should be… “ to be clear” IT IS less than eneloop pro 2550-2600 mAh
  6. In theory you should be able to do better with Eneloop pro. The main advantage of NIMH is the predictability of run time based on the drain. the main reason “ apart from cost” I try to use NIMH on everything. I have zero interest in the current lithium rechargeable technologies. Sometimes there is no need to reinvent the wheel.
  7. RIP Don, Anybody knows how to open the female XLR on top of the cable? Mine finally died.
  8. don’t waist your time with a softie. Especially the Rycote softie. Get a Cinela COSI. You are going to use it a lot more than anything else.
  9. Not sure what your answer is. you are buying ipowers sales men Mumbai jumbo. How long a battery stays over 15V “thanks for clarifying” should have no affect on a properly designed equipment using an officially standardized battery. Unless the manufacturer don’t know how to make a battery power device.
  10. And as I said even their own specs are exactly as I stated. Again “but maybe a little clearer”: how do you get to the conclusion that this battery will run longer than energizer lithium? who cares about the discharge rate? You should be clearer about your statement. It seam like you are saying that the 1.5V for a longer period “life “. Nobody cares about 1,5V. If your wireless performs differently lower than 1.5 the battery is the least of your problems.
  11. not even close. Where do you get this? Those are maybe a little bit better than 2500mAh eneloops and 2700mAh powerexs “by their data”. But I don’t trust manufacturers claims very often. I use eneloop Pro 90% they are a money maker and keep zaxcom transmitters a lot cooler. Also I 100% prefer the expectability and consultancy of NIMH compared to the the opposite in lithiums.
  12. If you have only receivers in the bag it should not matter that much.
  13. I love the Italian Restaurant Menu design of the brochure. 🙂
  14. Annual NAB party “in memory of Eric Toline from now till the end of time. “ Monday April 25 9PM Drinks courtesy of DPA Microphones Crown and anchor 1350 E Tropicana Ave Las Vegas, NV 89119 United States https://www.crownandanchorlv.com
  15. What a great place to tide down and hide a body. (:
  16. One of the best qualities of zaxcom is exactly that: you get 100% good sound or none at all. With analog wireless especially when late in the day and ear fatigue you get strange hisses frequency response anomalies and other strange artifacts. the piece of mind that I am getting 100% of the sound or none at all “which I can replace with transmitter recording if it happens “ is priceless.
  17. Welcome to the cinela club. I can not imagine using anything else. Did you get the plastic case?
  18. Apparently the Jensen vaccine is not as effective as the Phizer. Also it gets you a lot sicker than Pgizer's second shot.
  19. My first shot of pfizer I felt nothing and did not get even redness at the puncture spot. No idea if I maybe already had it. I tried to get the Johnson and johnson but they were out. I wanted the classic vaccine. Unfortunately I am required to get one so I could bot just wait. The needle is hair thin.
  20. Or if you want solar: XS-60 Portable Solar Panel 60W – Antigravity Batteries
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