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3d printing wind protection


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So, has 3d printing come to the point yet where we can design and create entire shock mounted and wind protection rigs with various multi mic configurations?

I saw a thread a while back that had a person custom 3D printing various mic clips, and it seems like the next step would be to modify the designs that Rycote and Cinela put out to adapt to some more esoteric or compact designs that incorporate both wind protection AND shockmounting.  

I'm thinking of things like

  • ORTF mounts for longer mics that have shock mounting built in and enough room for cables to attach internally
  • quad rigs
  • rigs with attachment ports for TWO mic stands that can support heavier mics
  • collapsible rigs (rigs that fold down flat and then pop back out into boxes or other shapes)
  • rycote ball gag competitors
  • dual MS rigs


The tricky part for all of that stuff tends to be the physical construction of the cage.  Once that's designed and produced, its just a matter of wrapping it in an appropriate fabric and implementing the rubber bands for the shock mount.  

Seems doable.  right?

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Short answer: yes, but it's hard.

The filaments I've worked with are either too brittle or too flexible to be an obvious solution. The shape of the printed object also suggests using dissolvable support structures in the print, which is more expensive and time-consuming. It's beyond my capabilities at the moment.

That said, this is one of a few areas I'm looking to expand to. So maybe I'll have more to report after I get some time to experiment.

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3D printing is good for prototyping, but still a LONG way off when it comes to finished products. I've been down this road. The materials and durability just aren't there yet. Even then, the good 3D printers you need for solid prototypes are very expensive. We're not talking about the ones you can get in the store these days. I'm talking about temperature controlled professional units. 

Plus, 3D printing just takes too long. If I can do injection molding vs. 3D printing, I'll take injection molding any day. I can make many more parts injection molding than I can in the same amount of time for the same part in 3D printing. 



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I still have dreams about your zeppelin Dave. I realized back then the 3D printing part was probably just a fantasy, but it was and still is a great idea.


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We did a lot of 3D prototype printing, and it was great for that, but those parts would not hold up in the real world under normal use. Plus, as Rado said, the high end 3D printers are expansive. 

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I've had good success 3D printing APE balls for my Dpa4060s. I was actually surprised they worked, since I thought the materials used to make the balls for DPA's 4006/11s was important in their effectiveness. 

I was able to get about +8db and a boost at around 7K+ 

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