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Sanken Cos11-d Connector/Crackling Question


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Hello everyone,

First time posting here.

I recently purchased a Sanken Cos-11d (Normal Sensitivity) and the connector seems very shoddy to me, for what is supposed to be a very high quality mic. I checked with a friend of mine and he verified that the connector on his is different (we are both using the same 1/8" connection for a Sennheiser G3 system). I purchased it through B&H, so I assume that it is genuine. The connector says Hicon on the outside and it is made of plastic. Often times, when I attach or removed it from the transmitter, the Hicon plastic part comes unscrewed from the tip and exposes the solder points, which also seem pretty weak. Can anyone verify if this is the genuine connector or if theirs came with this as well?

I have attached photos.

Also, on a related note, I have heard a bit of crackling sound with this mic, even when it isn't close to peaking (around -12dB). Originally, I thought it was because I had the signal too hot at my transmitter or receiver on the G3 system. But, then I attached it directly to a JuicedLink Little DARling, which only has a simple gain setting, and it is still crackling. It only occurs with a voice though, and isn't cable noise. Any idea what could be causing this? (I apologize if my explanation isn't using the best terminology - I do audio out of necessity, but am not a dedicated sound mixer).






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Hey Everyone,

Here is a clip of the issue that I was having with this mic. This was before it was rewired, but I'm wondering if anyone hears the issue I am hearing and can give me an idea of what is going on. His voice sounds harsh when he says "Tired" (specifically on the 'R' sound) and "Jet-lagged" (specifically on the 'G' sound). I don't think it is clipping (please correct me if I'm wrong). Could this be an issue with how his voice interacts with the mic or maybe an issue that can be remedied with proper EQ?


This is the setup, as far as I can remember:

Sanken COS-11D (wired like the photos above, taped underneath his shirt) into Sennheiser G3 wireless (-18dB on the body transmitter, -12dB on the receiver), being fed into a Tascam DR-60D ii (set on low gain, potentiometer @~75%). This is the raw audio with no extra processing or gain applied.

Thanks for having a look!

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