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comtek ifb noise


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Here I am again asking for your help and knowledge...

I had a shooting last week and a friend of mine borrowed me a comtek system (one transmitter M-216, and two recivers PR-216).

I had work other times with comtek and no issues, but this time... the comtek system was useless...

the system seems to be a little weird for me because the transmitter had the usual antenna, but one of the reciver had it too and the other one doesn´t.

first time I see that!

the point is that the RF noise is almost the only thing that the recivers recive

I can´t guess if the system is wrong, the transmitter is broken or what...

other issue is that Comtek hasn´t a dealer or technical support in europe and I would have to send it to the USA just to guess what happens

I´m attaching some pics, maybe you have some clue from it...20160801_141107.jpg

one reciver



the transmitter



the transmitter



transmitter again



the other reciver with antenna


a closer one of the transmitter with antenna



I would appreciate any help




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No, it's just one transmitter and two recivers (see model spec. PR-216)

But, being the same model... One has antenna and the other one doesn't!! 

Isn't it weird?

Yes, I haven't mentioned it... I have tried changing frecuencies, and nothing, it doesn't work


47 minutes ago, Patrick Farrell said:

The receivers come in the option 7 flavor as well. The labels in the pictures identify one transmitter and two receivers.

As for your RF noise, did you try switching to a different frequency?

Sorry, Patrick, I don't understand what you mean with "the option 7 flavor"

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Option 7 is the Comtek mod that adds that antenna.  Standard 216 stuff doesn't have them, they are an add-on.  If they really are two RX from the 216 series and one works on the designated TX freq and the other doesn't then the non-working one might be broken.  Have you tried going "around the world" on the RX freq selector dial to see if another setting finds the TX better?

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