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NEW SHARP 8K-Camcorder 8C-B60A with MADI input?


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i just found out that there will be a new camerasystem from Sharp:



The interesting thing to me is, that the camcorder will have a MADI audio input?



So I really wonder why a camera should have an input like this? Who records more than 50 channels in one camera?

Anybody knows why to use this input? What are use cases? Perhaps it is for big sport events?


Thanks for your answers and greetings from germany.


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my understanding is that this camera was pretty much specially designed for the olympics in japan (they certainly won't replace ARRI for feature films and the camera is very expensive). NHK decided to film the olympics in 8K and so far there are not many cameras out there that are really suitable for 8K real-time transmission.  So I guess the audio inputs/outputs were chosen with that focus in mind as well.


whether or not it makes sense to do sports broadcast in 8K is another matter, usually with fast motion there is more to gain with higher frame rates due to motion blur (8K at 30fps results in the same amount of data as 4K at 120fps). 

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1 hour ago, Mungo said:

What's also interesting: An ENG style camera with super 35 sensor instead of 2/3. Did the popularity of FS7 and Amira influence the developers?


I guess it's rather that cramming 8K on a 2/3" size sensor would result in pretty poor sensitivity and dynamic range due to the tiny pixels.

also developing lenses for that sounds like a huge challenge.


focusing an 8K image at a sports event with super35 depth of field will be fun though :)

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