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Defending your Work


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So they have full fidelity audio on two of the cameras they could edit with and they still aren't happy?  Was the second person in the interview so noisy that he couldn't edit around the undesired sound?  Didn't anyone else who was listening have an issue with the offending noise?  Sorry this happened but it seems as though some one threw you under the bus.

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I will always say when there are overlaps during an interview. I have been doing the job for enough time to know when it can be a problem. I won't say it more than once or twice, though. I feel like I need to do this just to save my ass, so later they can't do what they did to the OP. Plus, if the interviewer is unprofessional it doesn't mean I have to go down that hole and be unprofessional, too.

As for post not getting it, yes, been there, too, editors work and think differently than we do, so my first reaction would be to try to get them on the phone and explain how it's done. Writing email back and forth as we all know can result in too much things written and misread between the lines. 

Doing interviews is a really easy gig for a sound person. Put the boom on a stand and roll. Yet they decide to bring us on and pay us. In exchange for that I take on the responsibility to point out possible problems while they're happening, including overlaps (not expect the director or anybody else to do it for me) and be courteous before, during and after the production, because I would like them to hire me again next time. 


I would save myself the frustration and take a minute to talk to the editor, maybe a bit like you would talk to a child. For they know not what they do...



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Yes that’s what I was thinking, but I would have sent them only the CEO’s iso. Then they would hear that the tracks are not the problem, but they would have to do the work to figure out where they screwed up so they could find the other iso’s. Or perhaps because of the “time crunch” they would offer to pay you to sort it all out..

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Uh oh 


Just a few days after Ground Hog Day! :mellow:  ... Congrats to you KGraham. Visual Post has a long history of laying their misunderstandings on us, although I don't mean all of them , just a choice few. Usually , a thorough message describing how we shot it, and how to access the sound reports helps with these misunderstandings, in my experience.

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