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al mcguire

Sgt. Pepper Lonely Hearts Club Band is 50 years old

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I will say that I am a big fan of the new version. This was my first CD, and ever since, I have owned several copies of the vinyl LP, cassette, and reel to reel. Of the available formats, the reel to reel and the more recent mono mix were by far superior, however this new version puts a lot of dimension into the old recordings and makes it sound like yesterday instead of 50 years ago. Pretty impressive. They have certainly made their money off of me!

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Al, your post is fine (and thanks). Just when I think of the Beatles and 1968, I think of the White Album. So it's CBS Sunday Morning's "Remembering 1968" tag that seems weird.


Also: Nevermind by Nirvana just passed the 25th anniversary of its release. I remember all of us thinking, "I hear Nirvana's new album is great and that it might sell up to 100,000 copies!" 


Also also, my memory is that this article is pretty good:


Inside the Making of 'Sgt. Pepper'

In 1967, the Beatles were at a crossroads — they quit touring, experimented with drugs and set out to change rock & roll forever




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