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Today's challenge - find a working GOLD RE-20 --

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Hello, Soundies  --

A project I'm prepping has a scene with Rush Limbaugh (or, a reasonable facsimile), and I'm hoping to find a good-sounding, good-looking version of his microphone  -  the legendary GOLD ElectroVoice RE-20.  I hope there's one out there that I might rent  -  please tell me !

Thanks  --  Glenn Berkovitz   glennb@pobox.com  (Hollywood)

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On 5/10/2018 at 3:36 PM, Mobilemike said:

Dreamhire isn't renting equipment anymore, but if there is one out there I bet Chris would still know where to find it. He's still answering calls/emails: 






Thanks for good thoughts, mates !  My 'rush' to create a gold RE-20 has slowed, with a production pause for a week.  Props has a non-working mic that they're applying their Midas touch to; after that, I hope to insert the best possible mic element (SM57, Schoeps, ECM-50 ?) into the heart of the beast.  I'll post updates  --

(This past week, I spoke with 16 audio rental or prop rental companies  -  no suitable golden RE-20 to be had.  A couple of promising leads, but nothing materialized.  I'm surprised there isn't one out in the world already . . .)

(Thanks for the lead to Dreamhire, Mike  -  they WEREN'T on my list !  I'm emailing Chris Dunn now, just in case.  Thanks !)

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Rush's gold RE-20 (or is it a RE-27?) is a custom build, so the chances of finding a rental are slim.

Call Rush's company (EIB), maybe they would lend you one.. if your not looking to insult him.

Otherwise, If your prop mic has no innards, stick an SM57 in there. I could also run it through a convolution processor. I recall Sound Forge's Acoustic Mirror has an RE-20 impulse. if... you need that specific LD dynamic mic sound.

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