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Mattias Larsen

Audix SCX1 Repair

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Hello fellow soundies,


I have two Audix SCX1 since a while that I really like (one hyper and one card). My idea was to get extra capsules to be able to cover two booms or be able to do ORTF with either card or hyper. I was not able to source the separate capsules and I recently picked up a defect pair (preamp and capsule) for a very good price from a live sound engineer. To my surprise one mic was a hyper and the other one a cardioid which could perfectly complement what I already have. Hopefully I can be able to salvage something from them, or in the best scenario it would be amazing to get them to work.


The seller said he had clicks every minute, but I could not experience anything wrong with them to start with. I run one hour of recording for each mic and there was one superloud click on the first mic (card capsule attached) and there was a similar bang on the second mic (hyper capsule attched) one time.


What would be the next steps to take in troubleshooting and what can be made in various scenarios? Does anyone know someone they could recommend for doing mic repairs in Berlin (or well, I can send them too) if in need of more cautious hands?


I am thinking of switch the capsules of the two for me new mics with the two old ones to rule out weather it is the capsules or preamps. Can that potentially damage my old mic preamps or capsules?


If it turns out to be the capsules that are faulty, is there any steps I could take easy at home such as submerge them in distilled water or something?


Here are audio examples of the mics noise hits that occurred in an hour of recording:

Mic2 rustle.wav

Mic2 rustle2.wav



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Moisture is my first guess


Try placing in a warm oven after it has been used and turned off



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Thank you for shiming in Mike! This is exactly the kind of experience and advice that I was looking for. Would you only put in the capsules in the oven or also the mic preamp?

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