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Sennheiser G2 Receiver-No output

Robert Buncher

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I have been using G2s for camera scratch tracks and occasionally for coms to a boom op. 

One of my receivers has stopped outputting any audio. According to its meters it is getting full RF and audio signal but there is only silence from the output jack. 

Has anyone come across this and been able to fix it? I haven’t yet opened the case. 

Thanks, Bob

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I'm sure you have checked it already, but the 'AF Out' setting could be set low, particularly if feeding line level which also do not affect the meters' modulation. Otherwise, If the meters do indicate RF and normal audio activity, I would then suspect the output cable assembly. If that checks out, the output jack and/or it's internal connection. If I recall correctly, the G2/3/4 EK-100 portable receiver's output is unbalanced, so the 3.5 plugs ring terminal is floated, The XLR pins 1 and 3 are tied together to the shield wire

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58 minutes ago, Robert Buncher said:

I believe I have tested everything external and setting wise. 

I looked inside the case and, of course, it’s just circuit boards and parts that tell me nothing. Maybe I’ll try and change out the output jack with a new one from Sennheiser. 

Get a multimeter, set it to continuity  and see if the inner contact pins of the 3.5mm jack socket make contact all the way to the xlr pins of a connected cable.

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