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    24 years in the film business, many of those spent building sets but I have slowly transitioned to sound recording. I really like recording sound on independent films with small crews. I work freelance on most everything: commercials, documentary, narrative and art videos.

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  1. Robert Buncher

    Sound devices SD mute outputs .

    I'd like that feature.
  2. Robert Buncher

    MP3 converter that can embed timecode from a broadcast wave?

    https://www.videotoolshed.com/product/make-transcriber-files/ This is a great program which is discussed in a thread on this workflow forum just a couple days ago.
  3. Robert Buncher

    Nagra E

    Thanks for the info.
  4. Robert Buncher

    Nagra E

    I have a chance to buy this set up but no guarantee it works. Any opinions. Value if working. Thanks Bob
  5. Robert Buncher

    What Car Do You Drive?

    With or without snow tires?
  6. Robert Buncher

    RIP - Haskell Wexler

    Jeff, my condolences to you and your family.
  7. Robert Buncher

    Gotta love robo cams

    Well, I guess I needn't have concerned myself with this. The remote control was not wireless but a wired joystick so no problems for me, a short day and home again.
  8. Robert Buncher

    Gotta love robo cams

    I'm going to be working around one of these Robo Cams next week, Sony BRC-H900 recording to a PIX 240. I'll be running three talent wires and sending wireless scratch to the Pix and also to another camera so I'm concerned about RF from the remote control. Does anyone have any more information at what frequencies these are spitting out RF? I see Wandering Ear's scan is in the lower 600s. Thanks. Bob
  9. Robert Buncher

    DIY sharkfins (Ramsey LPY41)

    Thanks Jason and Matt for the photos.
  10. Robert Buncher

    DIY sharkfins (Ramsey LPY41)

    The two PC board antennas I ordered arrived yesterday.
  11. Robert Buncher

    DIY sharkfins (Ramsey LPY41)

    Hey Jason, The image of your finished antenna is no longer available. Could you post it again? Thanks, Bob
  12. Robert Buncher

    Page reloading

    Jeff, After the upgrade I keep getting a "page reloading" message and find it difficult to read the forum. This did not happen previously. Thanks, Bob
  13. Robert Buncher

    664 External Slate Mic

    Thanks for the replies on this. All my lavs either work or don't work so I could not go that route. Instead I picked up a short Beyer Dynamic gooseneck mic on Ebay for $20 and that is working just fine. I put it in the battery pocket of the Petrol with the mic just sticking out.
  14. Robert Buncher

    Sound Devices 688 + SL-6

    My error. Matt Mayer The only fader pack available for the 688 is the CL-6. The CL-6 can be bottom mounted since we had to change the top connector to accommodate the SL-6.
  15. Robert Buncher

    Sound Devices 688 + SL-6

    Robert Buncher Matt Mayer. Are you saying not Mix 12 for the 633 or no mix 12 for the 688? Thanks. 52 mins · Like Matt Mayer Correct. The 633 doesn't have any connection available for any external fader pack. 46 mins · Like Robert Buncher Thanks for the reply. I believe some folks were misreading your statement to mean no fader for the 688 and I did not think that is what you said.