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  1. Vincent, good idea. Will do that tomorrow. Thanks.
  2. I believe I have tested everything external and setting wise. I looked inside the case and, of course, it’s just circuit boards and parts that tell me nothing. Maybe I’ll try and change out the output jack with a new one from Sennheiser.
  3. Thanks Vincent. I’m going to look inside the case today. Good to know they offer parts.
  4. The pilot tone made no difference, on or off.
  5. I had checked those. Pilot tone is on and squelch is set to low. These are the same settings as on the other three receivers that are working.
  6. I have been using G2s for camera scratch tracks and occasionally for coms to a boom op. One of my receivers has stopped outputting any audio. According to its meters it is getting full RF and audio signal but there is only silence from the output jack. Has anyone come across this and been able to fix it? I haven’t yet opened the case. Thanks, Bob
  7. I have an opportunity to buy some Lectro R1a receivers in block 22. There is also available a T1 transmitter but I believe there are better options for a used Lectro transmitter for bag use considering price, size and other variables. What are people’s opinions on the what Lectro transmitter to buy for this purpose? Thanks, Bob
  8. Thanks Mr. Teas. I’ll continue on with the small amount of tape I have applied. If that fails I use a small amount if non-permanent adhesive.
  9. Mr Teas, Inside the upper part of the tube, directly underneath a circle of screen, is a type of filling or padding. I could not see beyond that and really didn’t want to be digging into a mic that has been performing well. Are you saying that it is ok to cover over a couple of the first slots?
  10. I originally thought of using a couple small drops of loctite, the non-permanent red version. I’ll give the tape a try.
  11. Thanks for the suggestion. I ran some clear packing tape from the side of the cap down along the sections of the tube with no slots, so not covering any openings. I’ll see how that holds. Bob
  12. The end cap on my venerable 416 has pulled off a couple times when removing a softie. What would be the best thing to use to glue it back on without it being a permanent bond or messing with the sound. Thanks, Bob
  13. https://www.videotoolshed.com/product/make-transcriber-files/ This is a great program which is discussed in a thread on this workflow forum just a couple days ago.
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