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Zaxcom QRX100 vs QRX200/235

Trey LaCroix

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I might have a good deal on a qrx100. I’ve read the manuals and researched them both a bit and the technical differences, but I’d like to hear from people who have used both.


I would be using it with my 742 and zmt phantom. Not interested in using it as a camera RX. Just for use with 1 or 2 boom/talent TX. I am also not sure I need a wideband receiver as I only really use it in one block.


Is there any reason I should consider one of the newer RX?

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32 minutes ago, KGraham045 said:


With that being said. I use both QRX200 and QRX100. And they are both great units.

I agree i also use these units side by side. I did a number of tests early on with mine both tuned to 2x trx's. in dual mode on a qrx 200 i get more consistent reception with just whips whereas on a qrx100 i found to employ micplexer and dipoles yielded similar results in my experience. In single mode i noticed equal reception in both units. If you have the ability even just dipoles on the qrx100 would go a long way. But this being said, might not be neccessary depending on your environments. I use my qrx100 all the time to this day along side 200's and would never sell it so i say go for it if its a great deal it is still a worthy investment 

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