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400 analog audio recorders

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A friend of mine runs MBT, a broadcast technology museum. It derives a lot of its income by renting equipment to filmmakers doing period pieces.


First time I walked into the physical museum, I looked around and said "this is my whole career in one building". Including an early 1960s radio room.


This guy's 400 analog recorders is the other half of the equation: in there are all the studio recorders I've had to fix.

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Amazing, Eric.


We burned through Editall blocks about once every 6 to 9 months per studio. The 45 degree angle would get so wide from repeated use that it wasn't precise any more... and the center would be scratched up from all the times we made longer-than-normal crossfades. The old-but-still-usable ones went into the dubbing or prep room, primarily for splicing leader on tapes.


We also figured a box of 100 blades every couple of weeks per studio.


( FWIW, my place was known for our editing. And we were doing ads, which have a lot of edits. )

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