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Video changes import PT - markers or what is possible?


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Hi guys


Thanks for all the gold found on this site over the years!

Ive tried searching but without finding any results. 

Im looking for an answer for this simple question. As im getting .AAF from picture editor how can i also get some kind of notice of video changes within the reference file?

Is it possible to export from premiere markers that indicate every video change or ive heard about having an silence audio track exported within the .AAF that contains every video change but as new audio clip on the audio track. 

I might just be missing something but usually i just get .AAF and a reference file and not a clue on when the actually video change is happening other than my process of markning it my self. 

Looking much forward to hearing from any of you and thanks a lot in advance! 


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If the editor was working off of a single mixed down audio track and clipped it when making your edits, then your version 2 would work. But what you really need is an EDL (Edit Decision List) and Conformalizer or EdiLoad (or another automatic conform app) or you'll need to go through the EDL and make all the changes manually.

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Generally I've found a picture editor won't keep notes of changes to the detail you need. The best way to recut your exiting session is to either manually edit your tracks by matching and editing the old guide to match the new or as Peter mentioned, use an app like Conformalizer or EdiLoad to do if for you automatically.


I've had a good 25 years experience in TV and film sound post, but also the developer of EdiLoad. if you'd like to see how you can re-conform your PT session with EdiLoad here's a video I made with Pro Tools Expert:




I'd recommend requesting a picture EDL with every job you do, even if they say it's locked. That way if they make changes you will automatically have a picture EDL of the old and new versions. One of the problems you can get is the picture editor isn't able to generate a picture EDL of the old version when they keep updating their edit file and don't have copies of the old edits. Also, you can use picture EDLs with EdiLoad to create a picture cut track or possibly a sync sound track when the editor has laid alt takes to on-screen dialogue.


Hope that helps.





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9 hours ago, Constantin said:

There is: tell them you won’t start working until they are absolutely certain that they have picture lock. Charge extra when they do make changes

I try, but this rarely works out.  Usually the editor and filmmaker are so used to being able to tweak and frame-fiddle at will that they don't recall all the changes they've made, and if they were just trials or they stayed in the movie.  This happens to me constantly, and I've learned that I have to build in time to patrol each new version to see that we haven't lost or gained a few frames here and there even when the filmmaker insists that the cut is the same as it was (like pre vs post color correct).  Many of these editors, while skilled story-tellers, don't really understand what an EDL is, or how to make one that would be clean enough to use with an app like Ediload.  That kind of situation has worked out best for me in a series setting where the turnover deliverables can be worked out in tests and practice.  For one-off shows it rarely happens....the filmmakers are just not invested in saving me time and don't have the skills to prep the files that way!

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If an EDL is not possible, (never is) No one know how to make them anymore.


Get a mono mixdown with your AAF.


Import your AAF below the existing tracks. Mute the new AAF.


Use the new mixdown to listen for changes against your previous edit/mix.


You can at the same time visually look for changes old clips vs new.


Conform away, bring up any new material from the new AAF.


I just finished a cutdown from 1 hour 10 minutes to 44 minute 30 second consisting of over 250 edits.

Took 1 day to match edits, fix and match.

If youre on Protools turn on "automation follows edits"


Not really hard just time consuming.



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