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Any DCHT and M2R Updates?

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I know things were a little rocky with this setup at the start, but I’m wondering if anyone’s stuck with them and worked through the kinks. How are you liking them these days?

Im considering making the switch to them and I’m curious who’s got them working in the wild. 


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Haven’t had any kinks. They have worked well from Day1. Our only issues have been with battery loading in the M2Rs. Very  difficult to close the cover with rechargeable AAs.

We always get them closed but with resistance. Hoping with age they will loosen up to a happy medium.


And the sound is great. IMHO.

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I feel like range is an issue.  I'm not sure if any of the firmware updates have helped range, but I haven't kept up up with updating, so maybe I should check.  This week we were in a field, maybe 100 yards apart and my boom op was having drop outs.  

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