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  1. I had the same thing happen with my 664. I was able to pull the pop up pan knob out using a toothpick with a drop of hot glue on the end. Could work for a stuck battery too.
  2. Just shot for a week with this camera and had the same issue. Also, I couldn’t adjust levels. The side level dials did nothing. (Everything set to manual, etc.) Don’t think I missed a menu setting, but who knows… just a scratch track, so no worries. Had timecode and slated. But it all sounded good on playback.
  3. I’ve been having the same issue with my Src for as long as I’ve had it (since 2018). It’s back at lectro now, so I’m hoping it gets better. Same results with whips, bowties, ratio or switch diversity. And I mostly use smart tune and coordinate all wireless with FreqFinder. manual scan and tuning doesn’t help either.
  4. Interesting to hear y’all’s experiences, but now I’m glad I waited a bit. DCHR is now where I’m setting my sights, as I was primarily looking for a new camera hop setup. We’ll see how that shakes out.
  5. That’s great hear- thanks!
  6. I know things were a little rocky with this setup at the start, but I’m wondering if anyone’s stuck with them and worked through the kinks. How are you liking them these days? Im considering making the switch to them and I’m curious who’s got them working in the wild. Thanks, Tom
  7. I remember paying about 450 dollars for a 40 MB hard drive back then for my Mac. I’ve still got it too- though I haven’t fired it up in quite a while...
  8. I got the etymotic er4pros with custom tips for a specific job. The sound was great, but the cable noise drive me crazy. I then got some Westone es50s, and it was a revelation. The sound is amazing, and the isolation is too, and zero cable noise. They’re not so quick to put in and take out, so I only use them occasionally for production. But on an airplane, everything fades away and I’m in my own very pleasant bubble...
  9. Tom E

    664 panic

    I recently had a similar problem and was able to recover the files using sandisk rescue pro. Worth a shot.
  10. Update: sandisk rescue pro was able to recover all the files, with all metadata intact (as well as a whole bunch of files from years ago and many many format cycles on the card). Thanks for the suggestions!
  11. Thanks. I'll give audacity a shot. It would be nice to restore the timecode too- but I don't think audacity can do that.
  12. Hey John, no- the 702 doesn't even see most of the files. I can see them all when I look at the card in a computer, but they have wacky characters in the file name, and are .way instead of .wav changing them to .wav doesn't help.
  13. Hey all, I've had a card go bad from my 702T. First time it's happened after many years of trouble free recording. I seem to remember some discussion on here some years ago of someone who could recover the files, and I'm hoping someone could point me in the right direction. The file sizes are all what they should be, but the file names are corrupt and they are unplayable. I'm hopeful that they can be restored... Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Tom I should say, also, that the card has not been formatted. When I realized something was screwy, I stopped using the card. So everything is still in its original state.
  14. I've had a 702T for many years now, and I love it as much now as when I first got it. It's probably the one piece of equipment I will never get rid of. I still use it when I go very light (like I am climbing a mountain with one mic plugged directly into it). I wish I could work like that all the time. You can route a single mic to both tracks, so no messing with left/right in post. In all the years I've used it, I have not had a single issue. The same cannot be said for nagras, DAT machines, computer based recorders, 664, etc.
  15. I did a shoot on a five day backcountry canoe trip a couple years ago, and got the NRS access duffel dry bag. My whole rig drops right in, it has a clear top, and when it's buttoned up tight, it could survive going overboard. It's also great for loading in on rainy days. Check out nrs.com
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