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SD 633 - Using Wingman & a CL12 at the same time

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when i was using my 688 with CL12, the wingman plugged into one of the USB sockets at the back of the CL12. i assume the same will be true with the 633.

it would be worth having a look through the 688 and cl12 manuals in case its not mentioned in the 633 manual.

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Did it lately. Works.

Though I was running the latest firware, I faced some minor bugs.

- once the meter views in Wingman were freezing

- sometimes Wingman app would reboot itself all of a sudden

- often 633 wouldn't boot properly, resulting me pushing menu button for 10 seconds ...

I must say that I was running all devices (633, CL12, receivers, Lockit, Ipad) all on one v-mount battery which probably is not the best idea because it may draw too much power during the process of switching on.


But no problems with recording or files. I'm used to using the CL12 together with an SD664 which works better in my opinion.

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If you've never used the 633/CL12 before, be aware you've only getting a subset of the features you would normally get with the CL12 when with a 688:image.png

6 hours ago, Donald Kauffman said:

Ok thanks a lot for the detailed response. I do need to look at powering options as I generally just rely on L Mount batts on the 633. So will keep that in mind

Yes, it's a smart idea to get a BDS. Then you only need to worry about a couple of batteries for your bag each day. 

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Iron, that document says that there's no auto mixer control on the 633.

Seems that SD has to update it: I remember having used Dugan - and the corresponding LED on the CL12 was on in each selected channel. Wingman gave more detailed visual feedback. This worked well.

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