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Comtek issue, rhythmic tapping or clicking sound


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This is actually a fix and not a question. I’ve been having issues with a M-216 transmitter sending out a consistent ticking sound. I tried everything to fix it and it ended up being the rechargeable battery that was causing the issue. Switching to an alkaline battery immediately fixed it. 
Related, if you have a brand of 9V that doesn’t give you an issue, I’m taking recommendations, haha! 

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We used to think that rechargeables had a somewhat floaty supply level and that caused problems with some circuitry, especially as the batteries age. I had a similar problem using rechargeable 9 VDC batteries in a home security system years ago. The transmitter would fail irregularly and trip the system. 

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Thanks for the recommendations! I went by Trew in Nashville this morning and picked some up iPower 9v's and with the help of Zach was able to run tests on a set they had in stock to confirm it fixed the issue. 


If you are looking to avoid the issue, the ones I was using were the EBL Li-Ion 600mAh 9v model 6F22. They don't seem to cause any issues in the Rx, but is problematic in the Tx. 

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