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Rack-mount headphone hanger - 3D prints.


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For anyone interested, I've designed a couple of rack-mountable headphone hangers, one plain, one fancy. They have a 1U base and you can hang your headphones on them. You'll need a 3D printer, or a friend with a 3D printer who knows what they're doing, and these .stl files.
All the best,

Headphone  Hanger Plain.jpg

Headphone Hanger Fancy.jpg

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Different length versions here: https://we.tl/t-TSeFXBBBv3
Includes one that I did for fun. Got an empty XLR socket? Need a headphone hanger? Plug one in:
Heaphone Hanger XLR.jpg
4 hours ago, tourtelot said:

This is a cool idea.  My question would be looking for a model that will allow the lid to an SKB case to close and latch with the headphone hanger remaining installed.  Also, any thoughts on a USA distribution point?





I have an idea that's not quite thought through yet, that may work for you, or the new 30mm version may well suit. What's the clearance on the SKB lid?


  As far as distribution goes, unless I get hundreds of these made, the economics don't make sense. I've made the files freely available to anyone who wants to use them: you might someone who has a 3D printer who could print one of these out for you for a few bucks, or there are various on-line services that should be able to do it. Or you could take up Allen's offer; he'd do an excellent job.


All the best,



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Very nice and simple, I like the design a lot. Mine were originally intended for theatre people, who tend to be a bit heavy-handed sometimes, so needed something robust. The latest version was designed for someone who uses an angled equipment rack, so has an articulated joint. 



2021-04-11 12.25.03.jpg

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