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Subway Tuna in the news

Jim Feeley

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In the ongoing saga of low-end production. I can't tell if the reporter is doing a deep investigation or practicing for being a producer.


The big tuna sandwich mystery

Julia CarmelNew York Times

As The Washington Post reported in late January, Subway — the world’s largest sandwich chain — is facing a class-action lawsuit in California that claims its tuna sandwiches “are completely bereft of tuna as an ingredient.”


Subway, for its part, has categorically denied the allegations.




So, I procured more than 60 inches worth of Subway tuna sandwiches. 


I removed and froze the tuna meat, then shipped it across the country to a commercial food testing lab.


Rest of the story (legit source; no paywall):





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The important point of the story was since the Subway tuna was cooked, the DNA was altered to the point they couldn't tell what kind of fish it was from.

That and fishermen tend to call the fish they caught that which will bring the highest price.

Best Regards,

Larry Fisher

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3 hours ago, Dalton Patterson said:

I used to love Subway. 


Lest we forget Jared...


Subway can't catch a break, lol. 

Speaking of Jared...  Subway used to be the title sponsor of a race, and I had to do a shoot with him at the racetrack that was to run either pre-race or somewhere in the broadcast.  We had to climb over pit wall to get to the spot where we were shooting.  He sat down on the wall and slid across it.  Of course, he was already wired and wearing the pack...  And 14 years later, the paint from pit wall is STILL ground into the transmitter.



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On 6/21/2021 at 9:48 AM, LarryF said:

The important point of the story was...


That Marc needs to update his animation and Lectro needs to update their t-shirts.


And following on your point about mislabeled fish, remember this story from, geez, thirteen years ago?


Teenage DNA sleuths expose New York fish fraud

AUGUST 22, 2008


ACCRA (Reuters) - Up to a quarter of fish in stores and restaurants in New York City was mislabeled as a more expensive variety, according to samples collected by two U.S. teenagers and tested with modern genetic identification methods.


In the worst cases, two samples of filleted fish sold as red snapper, caught mostly off the southeast United States and in the Caribbean, were instead the endangered Acadian redfish from the North Atlantic, according to the tests, revealed on Friday.


“We never expected these results. People should get what they pay for,” Kate Stoeckle, 18, told Reuters of the project with Louisa Strauss, 17.


The two classmates from New York’s Trinity school collected and sent off 60 fish samples to the University of Guelph in Canada. Of 56 samples that could be identified by a four-year-old DNA identification technique, 14 were mislabeled.


In all cases, the fish was labeled as a more costly type, apparently ruling out simple chance. It was the first known student use of DNA barcoding technology in a public market.


Rest of the story:



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