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Victorian Speaking Tube with best range?

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I want to be ahead of the rush...


From a local news site:



‘Granny chic’: Are San Francisco Victorian speaking tubes making a comeback?



“Why are we able to hear a great distance through a speaking tube?” the snippet reads before explaining the science: “When we speak into a tube, the sound waves cannot scatter, but must travel within the tube, and so we can hear at a much greater distance.”


Relics of the speaking tube can still be found in old houses, including some of the many Victorians around San Francisco. In some cases, the tube has been removed, leaving a curious small hole in the wall where it once protruded. 

[rest of the article at link above]






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These tubes can be found in childrens playgrounds in Australia. I’ve come across a few with my son. We talk over long distances. 

Another interesting place in South Australia is the Whispering Wall dam. Whispering voices can be heard clearly from one side of the dam to the other, 100m away. I’ve seen/heard this for myself a few years back. It’s pretty cool.  


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12 hours ago, Allen Rowand said:

Yeah, but rock is so organic sounding…


I'm sorry, I'll stop with the audiophile jokes.

But rock has no transparency…


Cool thread Jim!!  I want some speaking tubes to confuse my cat pals with.  I also want an echo chamber.  I’m surprised that we didn’t see partitions in there, to make the decay shorter.  MAN that space sounds great.  I’d love to use that with the surf guitar rig!

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I actually made a reverb crash pedal out of a Surfy Bear classic pedal.  I made a wood housing so I can slam it up and down.  Setting the dwell to zero and then using the mix as the crash volume makes it non-deafening.  Sometimes I just sit there crashing it for 30 - 60 seconds.  Haven’t seen that pedal but that’s cool it has a crash.  Does it drip??!!!!

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Don't know if it drips.... Drop a line to Rick at Austin. He's a surf dude, so he probably at least thought about it. I saw another "digital spring" pedal... The TC Electronic Drip! 


The Surfy Bear stuff looks cool. Must have been fun to mod...

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