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End of an Era

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All things must pass.


 Lectro announced today they have offically discontinued the venerable 411A due to obsolete parts no longer being available. It was a work horse in the industry for many years. When all else would fail you could always reach for the 411.

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The Toyota Hilux of receivers.  Takes a beating and keep on trucking.  I've had zero fail on me over the years so whatever chips they were using, hopefully they kept the same suppliers over the years for the new stuff!

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On 5/25/2022 at 11:19 AM, Izen Ears said:

I hope they continue to service them.

Any opinions on what is now the best alternate?

We will still service them as long as possible - we always reserve a certain numbers of boards and parts for this purpose. 


In terms of an alternative, the DCR822 was designed to A) fit in the same space with the same cross section, and B) provide top notch performance while offering 2 channels, 6 blocks tuning range, on-board recording and Wireless Designer hookup. The UCR411a has an IP3 of +8 while the IP3 of the DCR822 is +15. And, you can still use your Hybrid transmitters with the 822. 

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