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  1. I couldn't agree more with you Jon. Gordon sorry if this thread has gone in a different direction but since you asked what features we would like. As others have mentioned a SM tyle TX the size of maybe a SMQV with 48V that has variable out put voltage 50,100, 250MW to act as a stand alone radio boom would be amazing! The only reasn I say the size of a SMQV is to take advantage of the dual AA more run time VS a single MP50. Keep the single screw in SMA and the the 5 pin Lemo. I currently use the Ambient UMP II with a SMQV and I know my boom ops would love to cut down on the size and weight. I know beggers can't be choosers but if it was the size of a SSM (like some other manufacturers) I'm sure you couldn't keep them in stock.
  2. I agree with Jon. I too love my SM's and the ability to change the output W on the TX's. In the studio I always run at 50mw to conserve battery life and keep them cool, but on those crazy location days it is nice to have the ability to kick thiings up if needed. I run SMV's, SSM's for talent and SMQV's for my radio booms and car plants. These days I'm lucky to get a SSM on some of the wardrobe and actors have become very tech savy to the fact that smaller TX's are available. You can't make all the people happy all the time I know but if you could implement some of the new technology into the SM "style" for future release that would be great! +1 The ability to replace the VR Field and pull a half rack out of the cart and go quickly into a bag with the front mount BNC's is an amazing feature and maybe the DBU's only get used as RB's?
  3. that did it Jack. I unplugged the battery then reconnected and all is well now.In the heat of the moment I never thought to look under the male velcro camera had put on the back. Thanks!
  4. HI Jack, Yes it's plugged into power now. I can not access the menu screen or turn it off.
  5. So we came back from lunch and I went to jam the JB1 and pushed the button to get to the menu screen. Now it is frozen and no matter how long I hold the button It won't turn off. Any suggestions? Thanks
  6. I am starting a production next week for the first time using the Venice. I have no intention of feeding audio to it but I find some of the comments from Robert interesting. This is something we will test for this week during our camera sync sound test. Has anybody tested for this since Roberts original post? Any off speed shots will be done with a third body, the Alexa Mini. We are going to leave a Denecke JB-1 mounted to each of the two Venice cameras. Anything we forgot? Bill 
  7. I wasn't sure if DPA did the serial numbering in sequencial order or not. With yours starting at 226 are you experiencing any cap issues? As mentioned they are covered under warranty.
  8. I have been informed by DPA that they are aware of the problem and have dealt with the production issue. All defective mics will be covered under warranty and replaced with newer ones. Contact your local dealer or DPA dirrectly for warranty details.
  9. Interesting because all mine start with H128. Would that not indicate that mine are from a later batch? So does that mean it is a batch problem?
  10. Well that is good to hear. Yes DPA is aware of the issue and they are replacing the defective ones with newer versions. If you dont mind could you post or PM me with the serial numbers of yours. Thanks Bill
  11. Is anyone finding that the caps on the 6060's come off a little to easily. I don't notice it as much on the beige ones but particularly on the black ones. I'm not sure if it is something to do with the exact tolerances on the cap machining and the thickness of the paint on the black ones or if it is just a batch problem. If it is a batch problem then the serial # would be an easy way of tracking. At these prices maybe an extra set of caps can be sent to the current owners until a recall can be performed. Bo Brink maybe you could way in on this. Bill
  12. I've been coming here since May of 2006 and yes there is a lot of information on the net but JW has to be the "go to" for any information regarding sound. I can not tell you how many times I have recomended this site to fellow sound recordist or any one interested in staring out. Thank you Jeff for making this possible for so many of us and thank you for all you continue to do in your retirement off site for the sound comunity.
  13. Here is a post I made in another thread. Today we have given the CS-M1 a really good run. I did a scene where we swung the on camera with the Sanken and then the off camera with the MKH 50. The CS-M1 has much more gain to it and deffinetly opens up the room more. Not in a bad way but it does have more top end to it than the 50. For sure it has more reach than a 50. In cases where I may have been tempted to reach for the wire to add a little fill on the actor starting deep and coming to camera I can let the Sanken reach for it. A very well respected mixer I know often refers to the fact that "perspective is now almost a thing of the past, well with the CS-M1 I'm now more tempted to play it. We then did the on camera again with the Sanken and the off camera with a CMIT 5U deffinetly a better match. So maybe The Sanken is more like a Schoeps. The biggest down fall is the indoor foam sock that comes with the Sanken. It is useless for any kind of quick swing or even a light swing across a room. You definietly want to beef that up. I'm using it with the Rycote INV-Lite 19. Maybe not the best mount for it but it's all my local dealer had at the time to fit it. It may be contributing to the wind noise due to the two metal rods. I know you can get a rubber dam to slide over the rods but black gaffer tape is a lot cheaper and does the same thing. I was very impressed with it out side as well. I used it in a WS 2 and found it to have a very natural sound. As many people have said before there is no "one" mic for all occasions the new Sanken CS-M1 is a great little mic and just one more tool in the drawer. You have to make the choice as to which mic works best for the scene and that particular actor.
  14. Sorry to hijack the recent conversation but just wanted to let people know. I have been using the CS-M1 with the Zax ZMT 3.5 Phantom 2 and have had digial intermodulation or interference. I'm told you can have cables made to get rid of this but they need to be block specific. I'm not getting it with any of my othr mics (Sennheiser, Schoeps) just the Sanken. Is anybody using the A10's and are you getting the same results? Bill
  15. Could it be? The Dual Tumblweeds? DPA announces their new mic and Lectro announces they join forces with DPA to concour the European RF market. Hmm.
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