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Apartment Sessions is a Brooklyn-based multimedia artist collective, created by Luke McGinnis and Evan Tyor (co-produced by Liz Maney and Alberto Ruiz) that releases bi-monthly videos of original arrangements with a rotating ensemble of NYC and New England-based professional musicians.


The mission of the collective is to build community through music-making, and the videos of orchestral performances in McGinnis and Tyor's tiny Brooklyn apartment celebrate the small spaces and large collaborations that coexist in and define New York City. Apartment Sessions covers a wide range of genres including contemporary folk, hip-hop, Broadway, pop/rock American classics and original beatbox music, all written through a lens of classical/orchestral arranging sensibilities.

from this  https://www.broadwayworld.com/bwwmusic/article/APARTMENT-SESSIONS-SEASON-ONE-LIVE-to-Kick-Off-in-Brooklyn-This-Weekend-20170823 


see also:  https://www.apartmentsessionsnyc.com  





From this:  https://www.youtube.com/user/mcekul/videos?flow=grid&sort=p&view=0


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