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Field recording mixers


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Hey guys I am pretty new to field recordings, I want to get a 6-8 channel mixer, but im not sure what to get. I have my eyes set on either the zoom f8n pro or the Sound Device  mixpre 10. I want to get you guys opinions on them. I want to record cars and guns that will require high Spl so I want my recorder to have 32bit float. Also if you guys have any suggestions to what Mic’s I should get please let me know. I am currently looking at lavalier mic’s , sm57 and maybe sm137. Thank you and please let me know any suggestions to what I should get.

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DTU,  You've come to a forum that doesn't well-tolerate newbie questions. Folks here are seasoned professionals and they like to talk to seasoned professionals about seasoned professional things; not newbie questions.  Hey, ..... they barely tolerate me. Sorry about that. It's a tough crowd here.


Jon gave the best advice. There are endless opinions about those two recorders that are documented in many places including here. Opinions will vary all over the place depending upon the reviewers point of view. So asking here is no better than reading what has already been said here and elsewhere.



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I want to record cars and guns 


Check out Watson Wu's blog (and his whole website). He knows a lot about recording cars and guns.



And check out the various videos he's made (and interviews he's consented to) on YouTube:



And as Jon suggests, search this site for past discussions of the two recorders you're considering.

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