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Thinking about how lucky I have been in my career

Jeff Wexler

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Such a great film. And gosh; the Tiny Dancer scene.  Jeff, did you hear Fresh Air yesterday where Bill Crudup talks about his experiences on Almost Famous?


From 'Almost Famous' to definitely famous, Billy Crudup is enjoying his new TV roles



44-minute interview. Good stuff throughout. Excerpts and transcript here. But if you have time, give the audio a listen. The Almost Famous memories start around 19.54.

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Thank you Jim Feeley! I'm going to give it a listen. Every time I get to hear anyone talking about working on "Almost Famous" it is pretty amazing  --  Billy Crudup and actually everyone in the cast and crew were so happy to be on the set, everyone gave it 100%. It is a credit to Cameron as a Director that everyone washable to do some of the best work of their careers.

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