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Installing Wave Agent on Mac OS Ventura

Jim Rillie

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Hi all,


I have been trying to install Wave Agent on my Mac with the following results: This package is incompatible with this version of macOS. Has anyone encountered this, and is there a workaround or a newer version available somewhere? What comes up to install from Sound Devices seems to be dated 2014, which of course is long before the advent of Apple silicon chips.

The reason I would like to have Wave agent working is to split poly files into their mono components for simpler uploading.


Best regards,


Jim Rillie

Production Sound Mixer 

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Thanks Johnny, 


Have tried that but that right click plus control click bites me. ( I have come to believe that control click is  equivalent to right click . )Those instructions ask for both at the same time…  Maybe I should borrow a mouse or something. 
haha. Or maybe Wave agent isn’t up to date. Or I missed something , or the old wise man’s saying “Don’t upgrade your Mac until much later.”





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