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  1. C Plute


    Hi Folks! I'm working on a comedy short that is going to be almost entirely improvised. Lavs plus 2 booms would be ideal, but they don't quite have the budget for something like that, so I'm planning on just using lavs. I was wondering if any of you have some additional input on recording improvised dialogue. Thanks! C
  2. C Plute

    Rates Forum?

    Since many users on here post under their full name, I thought the added privacy would make it more comfortable to ask sensitive questions like how to deal with a specific difficult situation or client regarding rates or expectations. It sounds like the consensus is though that it would be more beneficial to all to keep discussions public.
  3. C Plute

    Rates Forum?

    Hi Jeff, Thank you so much for this site, I'm on here every day and am constantly learning new things. I've noticed that two forums (WTB/WTS and Who I Am Today) are only accessible to users who are signed in, and was wondering if you would consider adding a similar forum for discussing rates and negotiating. It would be great to have a way discuss the topic on here in a slightly more private way.
  4. This looks interesting. A webseries about a boom operator on the last day of a film shoot just released their first episode.
  5. C Plute

    Online electronics course or book

    I’m sure the OP has found a book/course by now, but here’s another one to add to the list. A former electronics instructor of mine just released an introductory electronics book geared toward audio professionals called “Electronics Concepts, Labs, and Projects: For Media Enthusiasts, Students, and Professionals”. It covers electronics theory, basic soldering, troubleshooting audio gear, and how to make TRS and XLR cables. A few video tutorials are included as well.
  6. C Plute

    Oscar SoundTech TL-40 vs. Mickey Mic

    If anyone would like to hear an A/B comparison of the OST TL-40 and Mickey Mic, I just recorded one: https://soundcloud.com/c-plute/sets/ost-tl-40-vs-mickey-mic
  7. C Plute

    Can't find that hilarious video - help!

    Found it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HUqS2jxrPGg