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  1. I have a pair of Gefell UM70s that can be susceptible to RF, which seems to be a common with those mics. A common cheap fix is to make pigtails that connect the shield (pin 1) of the female XLR to the chassis with the unused tab on the connector. https://gearspace.com/board/high-end/111893-gefell-owners-users-what-you-need-know.html I'd contact Beyer support first, but this is something to look into if there aren't other options.
  2. Chris G

    IDX NP-9X ?

    Great to hear, thank you both! I’ll probably order two of them to replace some of my older LS7’s.
  3. Chris G

    IDX NP-9X ?

    Anyone here have experience with these new IDX batteries? https://idxtek.com/collections/battery/products/np-9x I need to replace a couple of my NP1 batteries and noticed these newer IDX batteries are 96Wh rather than 68Wh for @ $40 more. I'll probably go ahead and try one, but thought I'd ask since I didn't find any reviews here or elsewhere online.
  4. 😳 After seeing this thread I'll be using headphone adapter for my SD 10ii. Thanks for sharing this info.
  5. Nice setup. What are you using to hang the headphones on? I want to try something similar.
  6. I waited quite a while to get a new bag for my 633 as I wanted something not too big, but that could also fit a decent amount of equipment and be somewhat flexible setup wise. After checking out most of the competition I decided to get the new Porta Brace AO-1XB. I'm really happy with it so far and thought I'd share some photos of different setups It can accommodate. The only thing I am not sure about is the handle. I've never had one and don't like it getting in between me and the bag when I have it around my waist. But now that I have one, I really like it for moving the mixer around when it isn't around my body. Initially I thought I would get rid of the handles and make a remove-able one to attach to the rings... but I'm gonna hold off for a bit. Porta Brace did a great job with the side access, there is a lot of room to get to the different connectors and media slots. Adam Butler on the forum here had a lot to do with these bags. Nice work Adam!
  7. Hey jwill, I like the Kortwich bag/setup. Is that a custom order or a standard model? I don't see a 633 bag like that on their site. Does it have a side or bottom flap for the NP1 battery? Thanks, Chris
  8. Thanks for all the replies and good info.. I'm putting a list together of supplies I need to order.. Hopefully all from one place. Do you guys add shrink or a tougher plastic sleeve to the cable near the point of exit? I imagine it's necessary to keep the cable from getting pinched/damaged. Jim, I'm curious to hear about your method that doesnt require filling in the connector.
  9. Thanks for all the various DIY info on making these rt angle xlrs, I'm ready to make some for my 664 inputs. Matt, I'm curious which Neutrik's you used as I would like to avoid having to cut down the connectors if possible. Was it this model (with internal thread) http://www.neutrik.com/en/xlr/xx-series/nc3mxx-wob or the neutrik posted earlier (with the M17x1 thread on the back) http://www.neutrik.com/en/accessories/modules/nm3mxi Both look like they would work, but looks like you might have used the former.
  10. I should have replied sooner. . You guys were right, of course, even though it was new and barely used.. it was faulty. I bought a replacement which is working correctly and doesn't have drop outs when moved around. Thanks..
  11. I ordered my 664 from B&H and there was no external power adapter included.
  12. Thanks David.. I appreciate you digging that out. I hadn't seen that photo and didn't know it was an option.. Good to know as I try to come up with ideas.
  13. David, Thanks for the kortwich bag photos.. Very helpful as I plan on getting a kortwich bag made for my 664. What do you think of having kortwich add a pouch on each side of the waist belt (for transmitters or lav cases). would this work or intefere with normal use? Thanks Chris
  14. Thanks for the suggestions, good to know it shouldn't do this. I'll troubleshoot some more and try to determine whether it is a cabling/connector issue or if it is infact the adapter itself.
  15. Thanks for the suggestion Vin.. I didn't think it could be faulty as it was bought new and hasn't gotten too much use, but you might be right. It sounds like you haven't had this problem when using the adpater in the bag. I'll pickup a new one or get it checked out and hopefully the problem goes away.
  16. I recently got my SD 664 and want to use my schoeps CMC4/MK41 which needs 12T power, which the 664 doesn't have. I've owned the PSC 48v-12T adapter for a few years, but only use it when not wearing a bag as I've found the power will drop out if the the barrel gets moved around too much. I'm trying to figure out a solution to avoid buying a CMC6 or CMC5, though I know might have to. Has anyone used the 12T barrel adapter in a bag with success and avoided the power dropping out? I'm thinking about making a cable with the 12t barrel taped or shrink sealed to the xlr connectors so movement is limited.. but thought I'd see if anyone here had any good suggestions?
  17. Tom, thanks for the informative review on the Petrol 617. Finally got my 664 and trying decide what I need from a bag, and your review certainly helps. Wish the video in beginning of thread was still around.
  18. Thanks for all the responses.. I carefully tried tightening the set screw, but it did not really make a difference. Earlier today I spoke to a tech at Sennheiser named Dave who was very friendly and helpful.. I was quite surprised how good their customer support was in this day and age. (they called me back!) Dave also recommended tightening the set screw, but mentioned that if it didn't work I could experiment and try to put some kind of washer or thin plastic against the u-clip/xlr base as a temporary solution to at least eliminate movement/noise. And lastly, I can always send it in for them to fix for @ $108 which I will probably do at some point when I know I won't be working for a period of time. Dave mentioned that the older 416's are built differently, so I'm gonna guess they might have the reverse thread that some of you have mentioned. If anyone has successfully experimented with washers or anything else as I mentioned, please let me know.
  19. The xlr jack on my sennheiser 416 is looser than I would like.. I think in conjunction with female xlr jack on my boom pole, they are creating some noise I would like to eliminate. I am planning on opening the mic up to work on it, but not sure on how to tighten or shim the connector once the mic is open. Does anyone have experience with this? My schoeps MK41 is not as bad but could probably use help eventually if all goes well. I've done searched the forum for this topic, but have not found any info.. Thanks..
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