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  1. are you still happy with the LMR 240 UF? is it flexible enough on a drum roll?
  2. Hello, does anyone knows where to find LMR240 UF or RG8X in Europe without buying 1 kilometer of cable? It seems hard. Thanks
  3. Yes. When keeping the 518-542 mhz window it usually comes back. When setting the A10 beetween 580 and 600 Mhz the problem goes away. (discovered that yesterday) But i mean even 20 Mhz separation should be plenty enough!
  4. I did yesterday. The problem occurs only inside, never outside. I am thinking that even with 0db Gain, frequency planning and scan, some multi path reflections inside can happen, causing the distro to RF overload on a super small and random amount. And this gives the white noise whilst talking on the ssm's only WHEN the A10 is on. When the A10 is off, the problem goes away. Interesting fact, if i space even more the A10 (they are B Band), the problem goes away. I would like to try omni antenna inside when it happens. It's possible that the extra 7 dbi of gain of the LPDA when in Axis is boosting the overall RF. Also, the white noise changes depending of RF power of the A10 (low/med/high). Without the A10 no problem. The ssm's are rock solid since years. I tried to recreate a RF overload inside by boosting the antenna a bit on purpose and this exact problem happens. Thats why i am thinking the A10 can perturbate the RF front end of the lectro SRC.
  5. increase in white noise when talking only. Probably digital RF
  6. Great info @rich. Do you actually use the app to turn them off? Never forgot to turned them back on in a rush? I am scared of that so i would probably leave them on all the time. You get 4h with 10mW then? But you say that it's fine for you most of the time right? I don't see how 10mW on the A20 would match 20mW cause they are both digital though.
  7. Shane Munro, do you actually make it to lunch? Is 10mw Ok for most use range wise? I was thinking 20mW is most suitable for range when the tx's is close to skin. What is your runtime when running in mid at 20mW without recording? 2h50-3h?
  8. Hello, is anyone using negative gain on their LPDA antenna's while using Audio LTD A10 Systems? What are your settings? And what distro are you using? I am wondering if that could be beneficial for even better range cause they tend to RF overload easily. I am occasionally getting noise issues on ssm's while the A10 are on and too close to the antenna's. (Shielded CINELA osix for booms) The Antennas are Wisycom LFA and the distri BSRF AS122. 0db Gain. Thanks for your real life feedbacks. Cheers
  9. Hello, so from my tests, indeed what seems to solve it is to set the custom IN into the SSM with Bias 4V, Lo res and Phase Pos. The A10 does not have an input adaptation so the phase is positive by default. You can clearly see in Pro tools also the Latency beetween the A10 Rx and the Src.
  10. Hey Karl ! Thanks for all this info. Will try the custom setup with Bias 4, Reistance Lo, Polarity pos
  11. Hey rich, thanks for your input. Does not look like 1.6ms delay beetween the 2 systems but like you say the SSM DPA mode vs the A10 with no mode. But what is still weird is that i shoot many times with A10 from rentals and never had this issue.
  12. Hey Karl, my ssm's are running 1.08 and into "In DPA" mode. Could it come out of the A10 as well? Someone from Sound Devices? @Paul Isaacsmaybe ? Basically my problem is that the SSM and the A10 Tx are phase reversed with the same mic and same polarity on the Receiver end. I never encountered this before and i try to understand it.
  13. Hey Jim, thanks for you input but i am not using Sanken Cos 11. Only DPA 6060 on each Tx'.
  14. Hello @Donald Kauffman, i had a similar problem. You need to check lectro block charts not to have intermod + scan of course but also mod your shockmounts. I am using CINELA' old OSIX and i sent them for RF mod with EMC connectors. That seems to solve it for me. I am using lectro's SSM's mostly and A10's for booms.
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