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    I am a production sound mixer in Belgium. (drama, documentaries, commercials)
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  1. @Dave, thanks for all this info, very precious. @Fred Sallesdo you find your BM silent enough? (even in the summer, on a really hot day) Blackmagic told me today that the 12G model are more silent than the 3G as well.
  2. is it recording? Is it not too fragile if not mounted at one spot all the time?
  3. The pix is discontinued so i am searching for alternatives.
  4. Hello everybody, what do you think would be good to get as a monitor that can record as well. It's not an absolute necessity for our jobs but could be nice. Also good to be able to zoom on screen to check lavs. The pix E5 or E7 are discontinued and hard to find used. Atomos or Shogun are extremely noisy. Blackmagic video assist a bit less but still. What are your thoughts?
  5. thanks for your input guys. In the end i am maybe going with a omni from Wisycom (Adfa). (for mast use, not bag use) It can allow me to also do long runs with the omni and compensate the loss of the cable. and to bandpass filter like the LFA
  6. You are probably right. Maybe a V2 of the A10 in the big format with GainForward?
  7. Hi Guys, what do you think about this antenna? I am searching for a omni antenna in combination of my Wisy LFA for inside use to help with multi path reflections. I am for now running a pair of LFA. I am hesitating beetween the BETSO Bowtie (more filtered and compact) and the A1031U from Sennheiser. I have 0,5Db Loss from the RF cable i use. I will not do long runs with this omni. Thanks
  8. What are you thoughts on using a A20 Mini for boom use with UMP 3? Should give more dynamic range for scenes going from whisper to shout without extreme gain change. Thanks
  9. You were right, it worked like that. even though it makes no sense at all
  10. @acdave, thanks. So i should try to set it to Ext, no to worry about MI shoe selection and see if i get any signal? In the meantime i saw also that its possible to choose input 1 for Ch3 as well. Which is annoying but can work.
  11. Yes, scrolled all the way. No option for Ch1 EXT input at all. Only the MI Shoe is possible for Ch1. I don't understand why. It makes no sense
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