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    I am a production sound mixer in Belgium. (drama, documentaries, commercials)
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  1. I got the ADFA since 2021 in combination of LFA's and i am very happy with it.
  2. Thanks. You mean in the visor while driving right?
  3. Matthias, how does it behave with no shockmount in a driving car on this setup or a visor? Compared to a ccm41 into a cinela suspension?
  4. I think you will always need to mix to deliver a proper mixdown no matter what. I never said you need to automix, raise all faders and go home. It don't see how anyone could be working like this. I guess we don't need it but we are slowly going towards 32 bits so why not try it.
  5. Yes i have a Mini and i tried the update and tried to rec. It works fine. I tried to import it in pro tools as well.
  6. Hello everybody, since december Aaton released a new firmware for X3 (Cantar X3 and Mini) to record in 32 Bits. 24 bits is usually plenty enough but it means a greater headrooms for screams maybe. What are your thoughts on 32 bit recording? Anybody already tried it on a full feature/series workflow ? I wonder if picture editors are ready to receive 32 bits Audio. It's no problem with Pro tools though. Thanks and happy new year to everybody. Cantar X3 & Mini V3.532.C12 The 32 bits float audio file format is now available Be ready for the possible future requests of your Producers! New features: The 32 bits float audio file format is now available in the audio settings. Be careful with the use of the 32 Bits floating format which is reserved for informed users. Please note that there is no bridge inside the Cantar to convert a file recorded in 32 bits float into a regular 24/16-bit audio file format. Improvements: Better compatibility with Lectrosonics' DSR4 Subgroup settings are now embedded in the Save/Load Cantar process. Improvement of the Cantar's Ethernet connection This update is recommended for all users. Enjoy!
  7. What people are using today as Speakers? I am searching for an active speaker with battery if possible and AC.
  8. @RadoStefanov you can send it back to Schoeps for a humidity upgrade from now on. I got a Minicmit with this new mod. Been shooting in humid places and under strong rain. No problem in 1 year. I personnally prefer the sound of the Minicmit over the 4017. Wanted to go the Dpa route before Schoeps annouced they modded the Minicmit.
  9. Thanks for the info. Good to know. Anyway i prefer to go with models that have been tested on the field and stable honestly. Even if what you propose seem good on paper.
  10. borjam do you have any reference like the trendnet that takes 12V DC IN and cold resistant for outstide shoots but as a managed switch? : https://www.amazon.fr/TRENDnet-6-Port-Hardened-Industrial-Giga/dp/B01MQXZWLY
  11. you're taking an unterminated hirose and then put it straight into the green connector? Do you know if EEE can be turned off on this switch?
  12. so how did you soldered it if you can't fit it into a hirose?
  13. Rich how do you plug this to an Audioroot battery or a 12V hirose? I see no power cable that comes with it. Is it this one? https://www.amazon.fr/LINOVISION-Commutateur-Industriel-amplificateur-Alimentation/dp/B09HGWLZSD/ref=sr_1_3?crid=28TAWK78WH2MX&keywords=LINOVISION+Industrial+5+Ports+Gigabit+Solar+POE+Switch&qid=1670943770&s=electronics&sprefix=linovision+industrial+5+ports+gigabit+solar+poe+switch+%2Celectronics%2C75&sr=1-3
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