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    I am a production sound mixer in Belgium. (drama, documentaries, commercials)
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  1. Hello, so from my tests, indeed what seems to solve it is to set the custom IN into the SSM with Bias 4V, Lo res and Phase Pos. The A10 does not have an input adaptation so the phase is positive by default. You can clearly see in Pro tools also the Latency beetween the A10 Rx and the Src.
  2. Hey Karl ! Thanks for all this info. Will try the custom setup with Bias 4, Reistance Lo, Polarity pos
  3. Hey rich, thanks for your input. Does not look like 1.6ms delay beetween the 2 systems but like you say the SSM DPA mode vs the A10 with no mode. But what is still weird is that i shoot many times with A10 from rentals and never had this issue.
  4. Hey Karl, my ssm's are running 1.08 and into "In DPA" mode. Could it come out of the A10 as well? Someone from Sound Devices? @Paul Isaacsmaybe ? Basically my problem is that the SSM and the A10 Tx are phase reversed with the same mic and same polarity on the Receiver end. I never encountered this before and i try to understand it.
  5. Hey Jim, thanks for you input but i am not using Sanken Cos 11. Only DPA 6060 on each Tx'.
  6. Hello @Donald Kauffman, i had a similar problem. You need to check lectro block charts not to have intermod + scan of course but also mod your shockmounts. I am using CINELA' old OSIX and i sent them for RF mod with EMC connectors. That seems to solve it for me. I am using lectro's SSM's mostly and A10's for booms.
  7. Hello Everybody, i did recently some range tests with a Lectrosonics SSM and an audio LTD A10 with 2 DPA 6060. I appeared after i put the files in Pro Tools that the 2 channels' phase are completely reversed. I swapped both mics and i have still the same result. The SRC and the A10 Rx phases are all positives. SSM compatibility mode is set to DPA. Am i missing something here? I never had to invert phase on similar mics in the past with different transmitters. (Also, same position for the 2 mics of course) Thanks
  8. It seems like a nice option with a 50 - 23,000 Hz frequency response. But i guess when you click track is lower than 50hz, which is better for dialog, sub is the option to maintain low energy.
  9. Anyone using a broadband mobile speaker that goes low enough frequency wise and not only a sub? Not to have a regular speaker+ a sub?
  10. I have a smartview Dual monitor that broke. 1 one the 2 screens is broken and the price of fixing it by blackmagic is the same price as buying a new one. I am not always shooting 2 cameras. Mostly 1, so i am considering a smaller monitor to be more compact. Also, the recording is not a priority for sure. But it can be nice from time to time to check a take without 25 persons in front of video village. Also to be able to zoom in the screen to check for lavs is interesting in my opinion.
  11. @Dave, thanks for all this info, very precious. @Fred Sallesdo you find your BM silent enough? (even in the summer, on a really hot day) Blackmagic told me today that the 12G model are more silent than the 3G as well.
  12. is it recording? Is it not too fragile if not mounted at one spot all the time?
  13. The pix is discontinued so i am searching for alternatives.
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