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    I am a production sound mixer in Belgium. (drama, documentaries, commercials)
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  1. You were right, it worked like that. even though it makes no sense at all
  2. @acdave, thanks. So i should try to set it to Ext, no to worry about MI shoe selection and see if i get any signal? In the meantime i saw also that its possible to choose input 1 for Ch3 as well. Which is annoying but can work.
  3. Yes, scrolled all the way. No option for Ch1 EXT input at all. Only the MI Shoe is possible for Ch1. I don't understand why. It makes no sense
  4. Hi everybody, i am contacting you because i am in a shoot where we use a sony FX9 (and FX6 as a A cam with no problem) and the problem is the following : We need to put audio in input 1 with Channel 1 and there is literally no option to set it. How to fix this? See the picture below. The first option is greyed out. There is no external option for Channel 1. The DOP can't help and i set on the right of the camera the channel to "ext" and not "mi shoe". I am hoping someone ran into this problem maybe already. Never saw a camera in my life that is litteraly not proposing you options for channel 1... Thanks
  5. Hi ! thanks for the answers. I found on the forum but didn't found it. Is RG8X more flexible than LMR240 UF? Thanks Also what is the difference beetween RG8 and RG8X?
  6. Hello everybody! What are you using as a coax cables for long runs? It will be used with a Wisycom LFA and BSRF AS122 distro. I am searching something flexible so i can use it on a drum roll. My sound shop is using Aircell7 usually and i heard about Lmr240Uf. (Slightly more loss at 500mhz but thinner). Thoughts?
  7. Thanks. And what about the 7dbi of the LFA antenna? Should i had this into the count? Or it's just +7db when the Tx is fully in axis of the cardioid pattern of the LPDA? Thanks
  8. Hello everybody, i have a quick question for the following configuration : WISYCOM LFA Antenna > coax cable 25m > PSC 6 Pack > Lectrosonics SRC's + Audio Limited A10. I know that the loss of the 25m cable is 3,68db (i asked the rental place). What i don't know and can't find in the manuals is the loss of the 6 Pack. I see there is a 0,8db noise figure but the manual does not mention any loss. I red that the wisycom LFA Antenna has a 7dBi gain typical. My question is, how much gain would i need to set the LFA to have a "flat" gain structure equal to 0. Thanks a lot
  9. Are you happy range wise with the Src's? Thanks
  10. Hello everybody, i hope you are doing fine in this time of Covid19. I would like to have your opinion about pros and cons of the Lectrosonics Octopack VS the PSC 6 pack for distro work. Except of course, size and weight. I am asking of course, assuming that you are using the same receivers and transmitters after a clean scan and frequency coordination work. What are your feedbacks from experience on the field. Many thanks Take care
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