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  1. bary555

    Sounddevices mix pre 10 no line out ?

    I don't think the firmware update would fix that. It's hardware related and yes it's a pain.. Wysłane z mojego SM-G930F przy użyciu Tapatalka
  2. bary555

    Sound Devices Mix Pre-3 and Mix Pre-6

    How long does it run on li-ions?
  3. bary555

    Viviana Straps

    I want to order a 100€ set. Which do you guys recommend to be most all around? Type/size? Thinking of viviana or ursa
  4. bary555

    Sound Devices Mix Pre-3 and Mix Pre-6

    99% jobs i do i send a scratch track wirelessly, so i take the 3.5 jack output as an advantage. in times of pluralleyes and timecode option, do you still happen to record directly to camera??
  5. bary555

    Sound Devices Mix Pre-3 and Mix Pre-6

    Yes, i saw that, but didn't find actual prices and cvp and pn had always similar prices... And still 1100e vs 900$ is a 300$ difference
  6. bary555

    Sound Devices Mix Pre-3 and Mix Pre-6

    The prices for mixpre-6 in europe are about 1300e after taxes (cvp, pinknoise). Thats a huge difference than 899$ (b&h)....
  7. bary555

    Timecode solution

    Btw, a little ot. How do you usually set timecode on set? Is it tod or from 01 hour?
  8. bary555

    Equipment wishes for 2017

    not exactly. different form factor (lighter). build in mixer (don't have to attach cl-8) and high resolution screen (compared to 788t). oh and 788t is so power hungry....
  9. bary555

    Equipment wishes for 2017

    SD with 4 mic+4 line inputs (or 4 mini xlr mic/line like in 788t). something between 633 and 664 with automix feature:)
  10. bary555

    Timecode solution

    yes, zaxcom is my plan for future. hopefully i might buy a nomad some day (now using 633), so i could take advantage of whole zaxnet goodness, but for now even the zaxcoms tc/scratch track solution is way out of my budget. i'm leaning towards new betsos. i like the small format and the display. had some problems with ambients wireless few times (didn't work from sd788t to red epic, we used external tc generator to feed sd and ambients and that worked - still don't know why...too low sd tc signal?). tentacle seems nice because no worries about the range - only if keeps low/no drift in a longer period...and low price of course:)
  11. bary555

    Timecode solution

    Hi What would you buy right now for wireless tc sync? I'm looking at Tentacle sync Betso products look nice And of course there is ambient... Pricewise and form factor it's tentacle What do you guys use?
  12. bary555

    Ultimate portable stereo recorder

    like they did on 442 making a 552!
  13. bary555

    Ultimate portable stereo recorder

    mixpre-d is a little bit smaller. sadly non of the portable stereo recorders have good preamps...heard some good things about tascam dr100mk3, but didn't test it. SD should put out some small 2 track high quality portable recorder
  14. First of all I'd like to say HI! to all of you:) I'd like to share my kind-of-DIY. Lately the internal mics of my D50 broke (Sony says there are no parts left and only solution is to buy a D100...), so I had to come up with something... The parts: D50 - SD302 - LineAudio CM3 Enjoy!
  15. bary555

    Zoom F8 Field Recorder

    Only worried about the preamps, which aren't very good in smaller zoom recorders and i bet, they'll use the same