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  1. It's not Just me. I have a bag of broken sankens (about 5) from my friend...
  2. Mostly documentary and feature, so size does matter. Sankens aren't tiny but most of the time i manage to hide them well
  3. I'm looking for the strongest lav mic. I was mostly using sanken, but all of them broke... They tend to fail near the head and the grills Come of. I even try to use them as gently as i can, but it's only matter of time. I also used some sennheisers mke. Mke-1 has a very thin and stiff cable and the mke 2 Gold has a lot of cable noise. I heard that dpa micro dot isn't great either...
  4. Hi People! I'm would like to buy some new gear this year. Preferably a new field recorder. Do you think it's a good idea to buy something now or wait for some new releases? any rumours?
  5. bary555

    Sound carts

    http://soundcart.audio/ heard a lot of good words. i don't own one, but want to order some time. also i used bebop cart-bag once. nice.
  6. Yes. It's a pain in the b... The only way i found working is to find a good spot, as you wrote. The worst scenario is a teradek between you and talent. So i try to avoid it. Putting the antennas high could also help but could be tricku in some places. I think it has to do with intermodulation or frequency harmonics. Even different frequency range can cause issues
  7. bary555

    EBL charger

    Just make shure your Phone charger is 2A or more
  8. This looks great. I have to test one. Looks like it could power my mixpre 6 and 833. Where i Eu did you buy it?
  9. Actually there is a gap in lower priced wireless systems. The lowest you can go which is acceptable is sennheiser g3/g4, then nothing, then comes used lectro 411s...you could also try with 200 seris, but it's getting pretty Old now. If you got budget i would go with 411/400 series
  10. do you use any amplifiers with mini-circuits?
  11. I don't think the firmware update would fix that. It's hardware related and yes it's a pain.. Wysłane z mojego SM-G930F przy użyciu Tapatalka
  12. bary555

    Viviana Straps

    I want to order a 100€ set. Which do you guys recommend to be most all around? Type/size? Thinking of viviana or ursa
  13. 99% jobs i do i send a scratch track wirelessly, so i take the 3.5 jack output as an advantage. in times of pluralleyes and timecode option, do you still happen to record directly to camera??
  14. Yes, i saw that, but didn't find actual prices and cvp and pn had always similar prices... And still 1100e vs 900$ is a 300$ difference
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