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  1. I’m not even sure that some of their products actually will return from having their production suspended. I believe the A/D converter used in the mixpre 3 is actually EOL and not produced by Asahi Kasei anymore. Those used in the 6 and 10 are still in production. So either they need to find a compatible slot in, do a pcb redesign or vacuum resellers for it. The 833 was suspended as well I believe but I don’t know which converters they are using.
  2. For angled 3,5mm connectors I’ve used the Neutrik NTP3 when I’ve done my own soldering. They are tight to put together but the quality of them and the result are top notch.
  3. Here’s their compatible chart. https://www.varizoom.com/v/vspfiles/downloadables/battery-chart.pdf
  4. Running the mini on 3 AAA of a higher capacity model will give you 3x1.2x0.9 = 3.24Wh of energy. Going with Sony’s NP-BX1 li-ion pack would give you roughly 4.5Wh.
  5. Also make sure you are not in USB-C file transfer mode. Or perhaps try toggle it on/off and see if the phone reacts.
  6. Rode have the Video Mic NTG with built in battery and can be used with both 3.5mm or usb-c as io interface. https://rode.com/microphones/videomicntg
  7. Denecke's TimeCode Toolbox on iOS can display and output LTC as well as accepting input of LTC signal and display it. I tested it on an old iPhone SE and setting TC Toolbox to output LTC and then jam the USOne worked great. But on the SE the app did not listen to anything else but the microphone as input. Not sure why but it should work. Will do some more tests. Edit: might be I need to get a trs-trrs for this.
  8. Looking inside the Updater app on macOS it appears as if the 2.0.9 firmware is present. <device name="UltraSync ONE" sig="*USone" deviceType="10" updaterIncRequired="300" autoUpdate="1" rstfs="0"> <file name="USone209.a32"/> <file name="TFPUs115.tcg"/> After launching the updater, it downloads newer firmware into itself. <device name="UltraSync ONE" sig="*USone" deviceType="10" updaterIncRequired="40509" autoUpdate="1" rstfs="0" stickerText="USOne"> <file name="USone214.a32"/> <file name="TFPUs115.tcg"/> I copied the USone209.a32 from inside the app to my desktop. I then choose Open from within the updater app and loaded the extracted firmware. The Update now lists the Firmware in the lower part of the window. But I've not tried to revert my USO to that firmware.
  9. I have not updated mine yet so I can’t tell if they behave properly. Have you tried to apply the update ones again?
  10. Alkaline don’t fancy that kind of load. If you instead went with IKEA Ladda 2450mAh which are IKEA branded Eneloop cells. You would get about twice the run time. And then just swap for a freshly charged set when needed.
  11. You can order the Lime Audio mics from nohypeaudio. They are very responsive and friendly. And active on audio forums. https://www.nohypeaudio.com Remember that the CM4 can be a bit sensitive to handling noise and a really good suspension and cable relief is needed. Look as rycote lyre 62. Either separate mounted on invision base of choice or the new Invision INV-6 Soft which comes with lyre 62 soft.
  12. You can connect the unlocked iOS device to the USB of a macOS computer, launch QuickTime Player and do being a movie recording and selecting the iOS as source for audio and video. That way you will perform a 1:1 recording of the screen with iOS device system audio. Works well with most apps which do not handle copy protected video like Netflix etc.
  13. It sounds as if the voltage of the battery packs have dropped below the discharge protection voltage. This can happen with packs of being left in stock unsold for a longer time. That might have left the charger unable to begin the process and get the voltage up again. check the battery for a manufacturing date and measure the voltage of it with a multimeter. If it have dropped too low I would not keep them and continue using them but send them back for replacement instead.
  14. I’ve been using Neutriks right angled metal housed 3.5mm connector almost exclusively when soldering my own cables for my mixpre and other audio applications. They are sturdy, easy to solder and put together and low profiled enough. And come in chrome or black. https://www.neutrik.com/en/product/ntp3rc-b
  15. For the Go II it’s a very nice feature indeed. But for being an eventual loophole side stepping the patent with a built in microphone, my theory fails.
  16. When I fast skimmed through the saxcom patents I notice this being pretty much repeated through out. audio input port configured to couple to an audio input device But the Rode does not have an input port. They have audio input device directly on/in their device. Could it be that simple that Sax never thought about a built in microphone?
  17. SD built their system to be easy to generate, download and install a light weight license file which enable an already existing function in the recorders firmware. Cant really blame them for that. The simplicity is really good and a solid and production stable solution. The verification of the license is done in recorder. There are no revocation options of a license as the recorder is not an online entity or would require a firmware stored block list to disable an already downloaded file. It's either a good will gesture from SD if a unit is deemed write off or for us to accept and take the loss. Or perhaps process through the insurance policy in case of an accident.
  18. All other plugin licenses from SD are encrypted/hashed with recorders serial thus bound to the specific recorder. All functionality are already in firmware. The purchases are final. One could hope that SD will honor and fully top up any previously bought plugins in case one have to return a machine to them which later turns out to be beyond repair. But who know. Would be great if they could make an official statement.
  19. Here’s a F4 for cheap and from France. cant beat the zooms when it comes to bang for buck. https://www.leboncoin.fr/image_son/1917115168.htm?ac=206978287
  20. Did your TC trouble got solved? Was it a broken machine and what did SD repair in it?
  21. I’ve used my MixPre-6 with iPhone as an interface and it worked out fine. If the Deity is class compliant it should work out fine. It’s a bit app-dependant. You need an app which can manage external inputs for multi channel recordings. Audiobus can route the sound. GarageBand is free and can do recordings. SD have actually published a little piece about this. https://www.sounddevices.com/mixpre-ii-series-as-audio-interfaces-for-tablets-and-phones/
  22. It looks more like metal fatigue as if it was screwed on with too much torque during manufacturing.
  23. The Zoom H5 with its detachable mic module is not that large either and it manage 2 channels phantom powered. Dimensions of H5 without module: 67 x 135 x 42 mm Weight without module: 176g. And you can use it as an ADC with an iOS device if you feel the need for that.
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