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  1. Happy to hear everything finally worked out properly for you Simon.
  2. Interesting. Have I missed this before? Hope it really keep up the needed engagement. What is SuperSlot? SuperSlot™ is an electro-mechanical connection protocol, developed by Sound Devices, to simplify the interconnection of wireless audio transmitters and receivers with audio mixers and cameras. SuperSlot provides, power, audio, and control signals over a single multi-pin connection. SuperSlot-compatible products will be offered by multiple manufacturers, including wireless system manufacturers, camera manufacturers, and audio mixer manufacturers. Licensees The following companies are licensees of SuperSlot: Audio Limited Lectrosonics Sennheiser Sound Devices Wisycom
  3. Hej Fred I have a pair each of the CM3 and CM4 if you would like to test them. I also have a pair of AT-875R if you want something with a bit more rear rejection then the Line Audio mics. Send me PM and perhaps we can sort it - enkelt på ren svenska. : )
  4. My first thought when I read about your problem was that it might be old of bad capacitors. High temp speced, low esr caps like os-con have excellent performance. But others if old and/or dry - they would not be able to suppress the ripple current from the psu which do result in higher internal temps of the caps which cause them to let the ripple through which cause the temp to increase etc.
  5. I guess we will be seeing a few more dot releases on both recorders and apps before production stability is achieved.
  6. A warning. If you by mistake initiate one to many Undo/Delete recording from iOS Wingman than what's on the SD card - two recording but you do initiate a Undo three times - the MixPre6 locks up hard and does not even respond to the logical power off switch. Forcing me to pull the power to get it to reboot.
  7. Those three posts are the Gold Mount posts do you can slide the battery onto a fixed Gould Mount plate on a camera for example. If you never intend to use the mounts and they can be removed, there should not be any problem at all.
  8. I believe that Paul Isaacs said that the 8xx has the hardware to support 32-float recordings if they choose to update the firmware with that feature.
  9. It’s far better to have the internal electronics transfer its generated heat to the case then keeping the case cold while letting the heat build up internally.
  10. The MixPre 3 & 6 II both suffered from external TC problems which was sorted in 4.0.1 firmware. Perhaps this is related to that as well.
  11. If you ever get a day or night off set, it would be very interesting to see if your F8 can manage to record all channels in 24-bit at 192KHz. Perhaps to a couple of ordinary SDHC/SDXC cards.
  12. To be able to set the STEREO OUT MODE you need to be in Advanced under System / Mode Then choose LTC or Audio.
  13. 8 tracks of 48/24 is 9Mbit/s and not 9MB/s but I guess you meant that. And to SDs defence the mixpre 6 first gen managed that bitrate. But it do not manage 8 tracks at 192/24 which equals 37Mbit/s. Anyway. I feel a bit curious and intrigued about the 32-bit float due to its forgiving qualities.
  14. Yes the dual bit-recording feature is really nice. I'm really hoping that Sound Devices can manage to solve the memory buffer errors. If Zoom can manage this - Sound Devices should do to.
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