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  1. So they have known about it for a couple of years and not cared enough to solve it - or it’s a hardware related defect which can’t be solved through firmware. Anyway its a bit saddening and should not be neglected this way
  2. Most of them are speced at around 10000 cycles. But which part that might fail in the end I don’t know.
  3. Yes. works perfect with my UltraSync Ones as well.
  4. I still love my HHB Portadat 1000 TC even though it’s lived in storage for a very long time. Even the HHB logo was one of the better designed ones.
  5. Do you only need the LTC to put TC for the video or do you need audio to go with the Hero7 video as well? My first thought is that it’s your audio processing setting that is causing confusion. Check what it is set to. Low: Applies minimal processing to the audio file. Saves a .wav file with 3 separate audio tracks – one for each mic on the camera. Medium: Applies some processing, including your manual audio choice if enabled (stereo or wind). High: Fully processed audio (matches the audio that you’ll find attached with your video – but higher quality).
  6. Some Rycotes actually had a space most front without internal foam and it was per design. It’s not the foam that is reducing the moving inner air but the outer screen/fur.
  7. "Jam GEN to AUX 1" is when you want to Jam the MixPre from an external TC source feeding its TC on AUX 1 input, right? If you try that you need to set the USO to be the TC gen and output LTC on one of it's two ports.
  8. Would an option to run one of the the USO as master/TX-master? Can you run the USO with LTC out to the MP II on LTC in and get the MP II to recognise the TC?
  9. Interesting. Have I missed this before? Hope it really keep up the needed engagement. What is SuperSlot? SuperSlot™ is an electro-mechanical connection protocol, developed by Sound Devices, to simplify the interconnection of wireless audio transmitters and receivers with audio mixers and cameras. SuperSlot provides, power, audio, and control signals over a single multi-pin connection. SuperSlot-compatible products will be offered by multiple manufacturers, including wireless system manufacturers, camera manufacturers, and audio mixer manufacturers. Licensees
  10. Hej Fred I have a pair each of the CM3 and CM4 if you would like to test them. I also have a pair of AT-875R if you want something with a bit more rear rejection then the Line Audio mics. Send me PM and perhaps we can sort it - enkelt på ren svenska. : )
  11. I guess we will be seeing a few more dot releases on both recorders and apps before production stability is achieved.
  12. A warning. If you by mistake initiate one to many Undo/Delete recording from iOS Wingman than what's on the SD card - two recording but you do initiate a Undo three times - the MixPre6 locks up hard and does not even respond to the logical power off switch. Forcing me to pull the power to get it to reboot.
  13. Those three posts are the Gold Mount posts do you can slide the battery onto a fixed Gould Mount plate on a camera for example. If you never intend to use the mounts and they can be removed, there should not be any problem at all.
  14. I believe that Paul Isaacs said that the 8xx has the hardware to support 32-float recordings if they choose to update the firmware with that feature.
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