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  1. Give me a call, 559 three-zero-four 1595. I'm local Fresno
  2. That's what I thought too, however....maybe this is 1 reason ktek does more business.
  3. Actually its better to go direct from him as he's actually told me that's what he prefers. Don't pay him until you receive the items though....that's the real trick.
  4. I've been using the stock one all this time without any issues.
  5. Took the words right out of my mouth.
  6. I'm on 5s with newest version iOS and freqFinder and all I notice is that the freqs I'm selecting on the selection list do not carry into the final list. Seems broken
  7. ^^^^ I wish the zax IFB signal could be on an ism band like TCB does.
  8. This is what I found to help, but using a RA SMA. It doesn't eliminate it 100% all the time though. Sometimes it still comes back depending on where I am
  9. You have no idea the number of bugs I've found, reported, tested, communicated with Glenn, Howy, and Eric over the past few years in hopes to allow these devices to operate as intended John, and I'm positive I'm not the only one that helped in this effort and deserve a little respect. If we never brought up the similar experiences us trx900aa/sta users had with rf spray issues and all of our self troubleshooting ideas, it might not have ever driven Glenn to come up with a better design which lead to the CL (which the UHF side has been a huge improvement ever since).
  10. So if I said other devices to include Zaxcom it would be yes then. Same meaning, more PR words used, but that's fine I see what you're saying. It's strange that even with the filtering zax uses I still get rf spray or interference between their own devices. I think I speak for the 1% when I say, we've been patiently waiting.
  11. What I get from this is: every other manufacturer needs to start designing their products with enough filtering protection in the case they end up in the vicinity of a Zaxcom device.
  12. Well, I believe he's correct since I've heard the same response and experiencing the same issues. This is an old topic that's finally starting to get attention from the one(s) that matter as seen here
  13. I don't get it, the Tig has the same plus/minus tolerance as the ERX which defendants claim shouldn't be considered to be a stand-alone sync device. Unless I'm missing something else (and I'm open to hear user feedback on this device still), I will have to go with the senator on this one "get what you pay for". Edit... ok interesting.. the web now states the ERX is 1.54, I must have gotten my stats mixed up with another device... I thought it was .5 as well before, nevermind.
  14. "The timecode will stay accurate even in the case of an extended RF dropout." This is subjective by what one believes is an "extended" period of time....
  15. Using an original PSC powerstar as the main power distro for a similar set up, I was unable to resolve the amplified zax signal buzzing all the other devices on my cart even when using a second power distro as the front end to just the 2.4ghz amplifier. I tried Glenn's advice with the car DC buzz reducers, the hotbox, juice box, anything other than a meon itself in place of the powerstar.
  16. user error created bugs - sorry for the scare
  17. Try 2k notch on trx yet?
  18. This is how I set mine up, however my TRX LA1 gains are no where near 30... mostly around 19-24. Noise floor seems ok (no where as quiet as cabled, but I have to engage my 2k notch on all my Tx's to cut out a known noise.
  19. Theres only line or AES, unless theres some new options on the 200 series.
  20. I'd call zax in the morning, probably a QC thing.
  21. What you powering it with?
  22. Try testing again without the AD in the path, so that isn't to blame?
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