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  1. Both my parents had it. both 71 years old. My father is a recent cancer survivor and had it bad but not critical. My mother was in the ICU and almost died. Tanks to some French drugs both survived it.
  2. After you recover you are fine based on numerous studies in Europe. As a general rule I just follow the Europeans on COVID. American media is ridiculous and not to be trusted. Even my wife is still wiping everything. My mother in law is in Nevada and this is what her doctor is telling her. I should maybe take over and start calling. Today marks an year she has not hanged out with her grand daughter. And covid is the main reason why. The sooner we vaccinate her the sooner we can go back to normal. What I meant is how did you get the vaccine? What is the procedure who to call and where to check?
  3. In California? My mother in law is 65 with failing kidneys waiting for a transplant going to the hospital 3 times a week for dialysis and does not qualify yet! Even stranger is people who had covid and recovered are required to test all the time with a few major production companies.
  4. I always have a half a inspire energy battery in my harness. what is a Non Aaton battery data? All batteries should be SmBuss.
  5. You close the vent and circulate the air inside the car. also when seating still your lungs are not open the same as when you exercise them like running or biking so that study is BS. Screw the pollution. We are in a airborne pandemic. Do you bike with N95 masks?
  6. Actually cycling behind busses and cars in urban areas and breathing the poisons directly in to your open lungs is idiotic and extremely unhealthy. Again if separate bike roads away from cars exist it is a different story.
  7. By far the coolest prototype number 3 Cinela Cosi personally engraved Prototype DPA slim and Prototype BubbleBee WIndKiller also Prototype DPA 6060 Prototype DPA 4060 Core Zaxcom Nova serial number 10001 Zaxcom URX serial number 10001 10002 Zaxcom URX0 serial number 10001 10002 10003 10004 10005 Zaxcom zmt/trx/zmtPh serial number xxx01s Use to have Zaxcom MAX 10001 but got stolen. I use to have prototype Ktek Sting ray but sold it because it was a heavy garbage!
  8. Buy ORIGINAL MANIFACTURER "Inspired Energy" from AudioDepartment or Gotham Sound. I was the first to find them and use them and they have never failed me. I dont trust the batteries from "others" because i had them fail on me after 30-40 charges. If I need something reliable i go to the source!
  9. Unless there are dedicated roads "not just lanes" for bikes I am not biking. It is extremely dangerous to mix the road with cars and bikes.
  10. That was after the pressure from us to do so! My mic is a replaced one like yours. But now they have an even newer version than your and my mic.
  11. Considering the first batches of mkh8060 were deflective and it took a long time for Sennheiser to own to it and service even mics which failed out of warranty, I am hopeful Sennheiser will find out a less outrages solution. but who knows?
  12. I dont know. I feel that is something they should have told us.
  13. Sennheiser dont have parts to repair my older mkh8060 and are charging me full price for a new mic instead of repairing it. I am sure if it was a live or studio equipment they will never pull a BS so outrages. I have a 20 years old Neuman that I bet they can repair. Also why not call the mic 8060 markII or Version2 so the customers are aware of the changes?
  14. Usb drive connected in a bag? Great idea What do you mean most Zaxcom dont do that? My setup has 4 back ups: transmitters, Nova MARF, Nova Mirror, CL stereo mix. P.S. The way sound devices and zoom write to 2 cards is - if there is a failure you loose both files. Read about MARF. Preserves all data all the way to the failure. Absolutely the best way to preserve data and one of my main reason for using zaxcom.
  15. Does it have a second redundant media?
  16. Why is the mix pre included in the discussion? Not really a reliable recorder.
  17. 100%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. Since the great Senator is not here any more: RTFM 🙂
  19. Once you get used to it, it is lighting fast.
  20. Tape/glue over the connector ring! Problem solved
  21. Also MARF! I will never work without Zaxcom Marf
  22. I dont use comteks anymore. I would not and I dont think people use comteks for IEms. plenty of other "better sound" quality choices. Even Sennheiser g3 IEM is prefereble. Tools have their purpose.
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