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  1. was your zuca the "all terrain" variant?
  2. nov2019 was my experience in the cold (-10C) and the mothership cleared up the parameters of the charger for me. nov2020 (+10C), the lights of the charging bays were not lighting up and i was not sure if any charging was taking place. i haven’t seen the charger for a few weeks. i have around (18) lectro lb50 batteries, 6 transmitters that use them, hence the need for a 12 bay charger. i haven’t had scenes where all 6 transmitters are being used, so the 8 bay charger has been a good back-up
  3. the 8bay lb50 charger has been very handy. my 12 bay charger failed and your charger seems a bit more tolerant of the cold, and a handy size to leave in a warm tent, when shooting outside thanks
  4. i had my k-art delivered with output one set at 15v. cantar x1/x2 liked having a higher voltage and that is why i chose that. when the x3 arrived, it liked having a higher voltage, but now with software updates and the ability to dial in voltage thresholds, the higher voltage is less of an issue. for some time, i had been looking for an led lightsource to plug in to the usb connectors on the front face of the k-art. finally found these:
  5. hawk woods makes this guy: https://www.hawkwoods.co.uk/Sound/P/AD-NP1
  6. the only wifi video that i have personal experience with is when working with a qtake operator on set. the operator acts as a "gatekeeper" and has to grant you permission and a password to log in to their wifi video stream. after you log in the first time, the system should recognize you on subsequent log ins unless they have had to reboot the system. i use it when it is a nuisance to run cables to the dit cart or the qtake cart. the latency is such that you can't use the image to anticipate cues. as mentioned, always helpful to know who is speaking (or the size of the frame). i use an old
  7. it's hard to imagine, but i run into some costumes where the regular zmt3 is visible as a lump under a costume. the thickness of the "x" won't work in those situations, but i have situations involving prosthetics where space is less important and run time is. not thrilled that it is another battery format that requires another charger, after buying a lectro 12 bay np50 charger. got a tongue lashing from a director last week when we had to replace a battery in a difficult costume placement with a zmt3 about not "anticipating" when the battery needed to be replaced. i would not have bought 6
  8. items like this are always built to a price point, and compromises are made. i would like there to be an updated charger with better fans or a “pro” version which would have quieter fans and a shut-off function, once charging is complete. i haven’t had the nerve to take the charger to a drama set yet. it seems hypocritical for the sound department to bring noise makers to set. i am likely to continue to use the charger at home until a quieter version is available. i am prepared to pay more for the “pro” version.
  9. i find this concept very attractive. also, am hoping the abetek caddy will be more friendly to batteries than the existing caddys that i use are. i use the format because i like the format but i know it accelerates the wear on the battery. i will contact one of the "usual suspects" in the morning
  10. make sure you haven’t replaced the antenna with an “rpa” version that isn’t making a connection
  11. the 4 bay audioroot charger has a fan. it is possible to turn the fan off when using on set, at a reduced rate of charge
  12. there is a tech type in my market that converted one 4zone. will look into it when i don’t need mine for awhile
  13. the supercmit non-processed signal has been noticed by others to be not as quiet as having the analog version of the microphone. i stopped using my supercmit since repairing the microphone can take months (3 months the first time, 2 months the second time). the other option would be to get a second one, but the show i am presently on doesn’t have the consistent height on its sets to successfully use it, so i haven’t done that either. while the 742/743 works well with the supercmit, 3 lithium batteries will only power the unit for about 3 hours. hard to get a production company to get on b
  14. ao

    Playback rig

    if you had a recorder with dante, and your wireless receiver rack had dante, your interconnect between the two devices would be one cable (two with a redundant connection. i’m halfway there - recorder yes, wireless no
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