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  1. Vincent R.

    Abetek 'RadCad' - 12 AA Caddy Charger

    Nice! 120/240v adaptive?
  2. Vincent R.

    Beijing airport left luggage

    Some airlines have services for this. I did that once with Turkish Airlines. Worth to check that.
  3. Vincent R.

    Deity Connect.

    It's a good idea to read a whole tread before commenting 😉
  4. Vincent R.

    Deity Connect.

    No problem. Andrew is your man with the real answers, lots could be changed in the meantime since the IBC prototype, bot inside and outside (for starters, the retail version RX will be smaller).
  5. Vincent R.

    Deity Connect.

    Just with the Prototype at the IBC last September. It was working well and all, in a hostile environment (see posts from a couple of pages before) as well as in typical locations with walls and outside, the range you can expect from a lectro at 50mw or something. We just had the Deity lav mics and some Sennheiser mics on hand, but they are not special or something so all should work with the usual brands as well. But indeed we didn't test that. The spec sheet of one of the main components states that to be on the safe side of things one should/can use 3/4 systems/receivers together. meaning 6/8 audio transmitters. Technically you can go beyond that, but real world should tell us if that is really possible.
  6. Vincent R.

    Deity Connect.

    true, there are actually 4 antennae; 2 extra on the pcb.
  7. Vincent R.

    Deity Connect.

    Both and yes "real" line level +4 dBu. besides the lavs, you get more bang for the buck; Diversity, 2 channel receiver, REAL remote control of the TX, SMA on all devices, up to 100mw TX power etc etc.
  8. Vincent R.

    Deity Connect.

    Deity will be under/around 1000$ for 1x dual RX + 2x TX + 2 lavs. so that is about the same price as 2x a G4/G3 set. Exact price has yet to be set.
  9. Vincent R.

    Deity Connect.

    Release should be end of first quarter 2019 and a lot of usual suspects are already deity dealer. The company is based in California don't know how exactly the servicing gonna be, but my guess is you dealer first, and if it's a big thing, back to Cali. Other way around, the purchase price will be in the same league as 2* a Sennheiser G3 system so I wouldn't think one would do a 300$ service check ever other year as with the higher priced other wireless systems (higher priced), if you catch my thrill.
  10. Vincent R.

    Deity Connect.

    New design, and they are getting FFC tested today.
  11. Allright thanks, good to know. I used it with a 8050 and connected it at the bag side of the chain just before going in to the recorder, so not wireless.
  12. Vincent R.

    New to the Forum

    Let them check the php process limit. No matter how high you set the upload limit in the software, if the php settings are capped at a certain time to process things it will stuck.
  13. Really, what are the issues? I just worked with it once and didn't had issues.
  14. Vincent R.

    USB rechargeable bag power.

    Sounds more like you used one of those run of the mill power banks with outrageous impossible claims of power. Or was it a reputable name brand?
  15. Vincent R.

    Sennheiser G2 Receiver-No output

    Get a multimeter, set it to continuity and see if the inner contact pins of the 3.5mm jack socket make contact all the way to the xlr pins of a connected cable.