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  1. Vincent R.

    Sanken Cs-M1 new mike

    Or Post EQ?
  2. Vincent R.

    Tentacle Sync Workflow

    mail or go to the tentacle forum? They are happy to help.
  3. Vincent R.

    Lectrosonics vs Audio Limited

    Second generation. the first one was the a1010. introduced 3 years ago at IBC 2015.
  4. Vincent R.

    Deity Connect.

    Yes; because it has the adaptive frequency hopping. It sees that the analoque/wifi/teradeck/whatever device is occupying a frequency/channel and hops around it. Doesn't matter what flavour or protocol.
  5. Vincent R.

    Deity Connect.

    First, there is de adaptive frequency hopping technology, to stay out of the way of any flavour of WiFi in the 2.4 ghz range in the first place. second, (all?) flavours of WiFi have the LBT (listen before talk) standard implemented, and not a continuously uninterruptible (back to back) data stream by the way. So in case of any "traffic jam" a Deity with a Wifi channel, it can finish the time slot, before moving over (remember; adaptive frequency hopping, is per time slot) to a different empty space in the spectrum. Also Wifi hardly ever is using the full spectrum of a channel (22mhz) due to overlap, thus leaving more gaps to "hop in.
  6. Vincent R.

    Deity Connect.

    They will and they have too by law, both for Europe and USA, otherwise they can not sell it, simply. Also, the chip inside the device is already tested and allowed by FCC (and in EU), with exactly the intended purpose of the Deity devices. I don't exactly understand what you try to prove/say here; the technology is not particularly new by any means. Also, disclosure, I worked for Deity at last IBC convention in Amsterdam.
  7. Vincent R.

    Deity Connect.

    Could be should be would be, my guess is that FCC doesn't sign of a chip/protocol if indeed it is fucking up a whole spectrum.
  8. Vincent R.

    Deity Connect.

    No, because the needed bandwidth is higher/wider for uncompressed audio streams. My example is just to illustrate the capabilities. Because the Deity system uses 8-FSK to modulate, it will degrease the need of bandwidth per channel (3.8 mhz @ 5mb/s vs 22mhz per channel for "regular" wifi). In practice this means that theoretically one can use 18 systems together (36 channels of audio) but recommendation is to keep it to 3/4 systems (6/8 audio channels) for reliability, because we probably will use it in a bag thus the receivers will be close together. correction: it is actually 4 mhz per channel, for some overhead and back and forth data transmission, like accessing the menu settings from the receiver.
  9. Vincent R.

    Deity Connect.

    You are not messing with the 2.4 spectrum. Adaptive freq hopping (frequency-hopping spread spectrum) is FCC an approved method, and the EU regulators are accepting it as well with a bit more clarification from the manufacturer. Check out this Guinness World Record, they used the same technology to fly 179 RC airplanes at the same time: http://www.guinnessworldrecords.com/news/2017/8/video-watch-179-rc-model-aircraft-flying-at-the-same-time-485624
  10. I wouldn't bother with that; just use a TC device/Tentacle for the TC on the hybrid TC/Audio input and use the build in mic from the camera for scratch. If you want you can use a camera hop track on the xlr input. My guess is the build in mics of the BMPCC are better than the tiny scratch mic of the tentacle sync. The reason they buid it was for DSLR cameras, because when you want to use the mic in it bypasses the internal mic. I believe the BMPCC just lets you select whatever you want via the menu.
  11. Vincent R.

    Deity Connect.

    Yes, you can use them with a BDS system in a bag.
  12. Vincent R.

    Zoom F8n.

    Don't forget that this is also a revision of a product, so although I can not backup my claim with any evidence, it is most likely that they upgraded some parts of the design under the hood we don't directly notice as an improvement. Think thinks like better shielding, stronger connectors for screens (the first generation had a problem in the beginning causing screens to go white).
  13. Vincent R.

    Comparison of different transmitters

    thanks for the upload @Constantin. I don't have a good listening setup at my current location, but will check them when I have.
  14. Vincent R.

    Audio Limited A10 for talent.

    If you can post some files on Wetransfer or something that would be nice, also potentially for SD/Audio ltd/Zaxcom to comment on your specific tests.
  15. Vincent R.

    Deity Connect.

    Not true, the Deity system will 'multicast' and an IFB system is on the roadmap for next year, as well as other transmitter/receiver units.