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  1. Gotcha, so lets make it a "neat" 2000$ investment in a 2.000.000$ movie.
  2. To rephrase: you need an unpaid intern, who has to contribute 27*20$ for food = ~540$ minimum (out of town, so restaurant it is), for someone else's project. On top of that it's a month of no privacy (shared room), and minimum 6 days a week of labour uninterrupted. All that to contribute to a tier 1 film (what, 2 million USD?), so most of your colleagues get their butt covered. Minimum wage is what, like 7/8 USD in the US? So modest calculation that's like 1200 USD (no overtime pay) plus the 540 USD for food, 1740 USD you are asking from the "intern" to contribute/invest into the movie, as you said, a "tier 1 movie", to "kickstart" their career... There, I think that sums it up very politely.
  3. and as far as i know the only compact options with TC, unless you wanna repurpose a Zaxcom TX or Audio ltd TX. Or a bit bigger, more expensive but 8 track Sonosax:
  4. Allright, not to be nit picking, but i do not see that as a backup. From time to time I run a bag/cart different setup, and indeed that is billed full. I am really talking about, let's say, a backup for both the cart/bag, so 4 recorders total (2 in the van), and in case of a multi cam shoot, 3 cameras thus 3 waiting in a bag extra, 6 total for when shit hits the fan.
  5. And I guess the BU body is being payed for (the rental company?), so to bring it slightly back to topic, are you billing a backup recorder as well?
  6. They are actually ~2500 mah; http://budgetlightforum.com/node/32160
  7. You talk about anecdotal experience? I never had a recorder break down, so I don't know what the reaction would be. If I have a technical problem I expect and actually am treated "equally" and I wouldn't expect or except anything less. So I don't recognize apparently your situation/conditions. Could be, so you are saying it is standard? I'm in the European independent film and documentary market, so it might be different in other parts of the world/markets.
  8. Cos 11 is one of the easiest mics to hide. it is the diameter what counts, and if i am correct, it's even smaller in diameter than the dpa 4060 or mke2, but it doesn't matter, they are all easy to hide.
  9. Looks like a crimp style BNC with a sleeve over it. In other words, not really meant to be serviceable. most RF shops in town, I guess they even have them in Uruguay will sell them (get the 50 ohm), look into the scanner/walkietalkie section of the "yellow pages" for shops. Farnell, Mouser, or Aliexpress etc etc got you covered if you wanna buy online, both solder ones as crimp ones.
  10. Fair enough. I would say both. I just get the impression topic started assumed they are equal besides the stock lav Vs mke2. That will work. Another benefit of the 500 series is that it is wide band. So if you combine that with the 100 series, you only can receive half of the available Freq. that the 500 can transmit. But it will work.
  11. Go 500 series. the 50mw as I mentioned before will give you better range. that should be the focus first, you get distracted by the microphone into your equation; yes it is important, but transmitter wise the 100/500 series are not equal.
  12. That said, the MKE2 is considerable better than the ME2 which comes with the 100 kit .
  13. The main difference between the 500 series vs the 100, is the fact that the 500 has 50mw TX power, vs the 30 mw max of the 100 series. The MKE2 mic is just a "bonus"deal with the kit.
  14. Hey, I am from Rotterdam 😉 . Like Frido I don't have the band you are using, but the spectrum site linked above indeed shows no problem. One thing to keep in mind if you shoot near the harbour area; sometimes it can be a bit sketchy from time to time, due to some strong (illegal?) high Watt scanners and transmitters from all the international shipping vessels passing by.
  15. Yeah that is because of the added layers, in your case 4G. Not much control over that. In our situation it would be a completely controlled network (own "server", own LAN, own clients), so much more control over those things.
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