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    I tried to use this transmitter on a job recently and it powered up and showed transmission but stayed red at the receiver no matter what I did. Completely my own fault and I should have seen this coming. I received a report back from Zaxcom that this particular transmitter had too much corrosion and could not be repaired. I am very lucky in this case though as the job was for a local client and they are helping me still with reimbursement for the replacement and they are also grateful for being made aware of the full details. I did all tricks for this particular transmitter with taking it apart, fans, rice etc but my biggest failure was not sending in right away or calling it a total loss right away. I am told by AC's anything other than distilled water leaves deposits inside electronics and sometimes it is only luck that helps avoid problems over time. Just wanted to share to help others keep an eye out the moment wardrobe goes to plug in that steamer... I know I will be on the lookout from now on. -Ken
  2. What I quickly saw is front referring to front of 360 camera, so my understanding is if your eyes are the camera looking at the band, “front” faces towards the band
  3. Thanks guys great info and in fact this makes me think of a schwinn bag meant for 10speed handle bars that i have tucked away somewhere that could be of use. My current backpack is a knock-off camelback mini version and yes that bladder is great in the summer. i will check these links out for sure
  4. Curious to know what other sound mixers are using when it comes to carrying accessories on you when on your feet and small recorder bags. Talking with other production people about break-ins and backpacks being stolen etc lately freaks me out about backpacks. I personally had experienced a huge loss a few years ago where our van was broken into and they climbed over the most expensive stuff in cases to go for all the soft bags n backpacks. I realize there’s no way to be 100% theft proof but I have since then started putting any soft bags inside pelican cases and looping theft deterrent cabling through the handles etc. but there’s something very specific about a backpack that draws the eyes of thieves. Dare i set it down for even a second, it haunts me with 10 grand or more in wireless transmitters and microphones being in that bag when I am on the go. So if not a back pack - multiple smaller pouches? Shoulder bags? Fanny packs?
  5. Ha ha this was great and it blows my mind in general all the various mics that were used for sound capture in this documentary versus modern times. I’m hoping in the 16 hour plus version of this documentary once it gets released we will get it here the before and after of the forensic cleanup even in the slightest bit
  6. Cool thank you - the closest thing I could find was an instructables link how to troubleshoot active speaker amplifiers, replace bad capacitors, power supplies etc So parts express will come in handy
  7. A long shot here but… amp is fried on this powered speaker i used to use in the field, and at one time there was repair services for what must have been a common problem with these powered speaker modules. I sat so long on the repair that repair kits or repair services seem no longer available. Anyone here ever replace a powered amp module in a speaker? Would still like to try n repair even with dif amp manufacturer or convert to passive speaker
  8. In terms of dialog i have had success with both but i revert to the 61’s when i know its loud
  9. What i have found for me personally thru a lot of trial and error is lower gain at tx’s with neverclip and makeup gain at the recorder. It saves the occasional take where talent may get suddenly really loud and would otherwise blow the gain at the transmitter if the tx is set too high. With my dpa core lavs this seems to work for me really well getting great sound at almost all dynamic ranges and riding that delicate balance of it all. Been doing this for a while and I have yet to get into a situation where there is any noise because of an environment being too quiet or any clipping because of a talent being too loud - win win so far
  10. Curious to know if anyone is familiar with this mic as I have received it recently with a relic of a Zeppelin that had a wooden handle. I am going to work on cleaning it up and comparing it to mics on hand but was just curious if this had a use in production Sound over the years
  11. Thank you this absolutely was the ticket, the update worked and my previous serial no popped right in automatically. Ffmpeg auto install was brilliant. time code window is perfect for this purpose. I am sure many other uses in the future i.e. a corporate client of mine making poscasts will appreciate this process as well.
  12. Brilliant this is the one! I bought it a few years ago so indeed i am due to upgrade, thanks for the info
  13. I use this for transcriber files, but if i understood correctly, doesnt it require to start with video vs turning audio only into video if i am not mistaken?
  14. I am working on a radio play and per clients request i made videos that are audio only with timecode window burns of all the production sound we recorded. I used davinci resolve and able to get thru it enough to be dangerous, and these were all large takes so not to terrible to do for this project ( a few large takes vs a bunch of short takes), but i was curious if there was another way to approach this to make video window burns of audio only? -Ken
  15. Found an ebay deal on 4x of these - thx for recommending. I like how they are adjustable and since this is for audio only recordings i think they will do the job
  16. osa


    Has anyone here run into wardrobe dept steaming blouses directly on talent? Seems insane to me as i would think there is a risk of burning talent. Not to mention, steaming my transmitter! This wardrobe person seemed like a veteran in the business but in 20 years of sound mixing i have never seen this happen. Truly a first for everything, and now i know to watch for it in the future. Transmitter was totally fine once i got it home taken apart and dried out but the amount of moisture inside was like talent jumped in the pool. Last shot of the day and did not get a chance to talk to wardrobe as I didn’t really discover the extent until i got home
  17. Is a 743 stereo cone usable for 2x individual phantom mics in x/y configurations with proper Y cabling? I suspect it is designed for single stereo mics but wanted to double check here
  18. Started watching this doc and quickly noticed it is very sound driven over lots of repurposed video footage. Has anyone come across sound clips of some of this original footage to help give a good before and after comparison regarding the forensic cleanup? The cleanup of both video and audio seems to be very state of the art. Cant wait for the 16hr directors cut
  19. I have been trying out timestamp notes on my phone where i set timecode on my recorder manually matched to my phone clock, take notes via speak-to-text or typed throughout the day with a timestamp app, and transferring these notes manually at end of day to a sound report exported from my recorder. Manually is the problem. Curious if anyone else has a similar timestamp voice/type logging app suggestion? my timestamp app i tried creates .json files not super friendly to work with for this purpose and manually reading notes/times on screen to retype into sound reports I feel is not my best solution
  20. Thanks for the info. The project I was hoping to use these for is a corporate podcast series where in the past we just clipped lavs on the outside of lapels, but we did get occasional Mike bumps with animated talking. So the idea of custom making something jist might be the ticket. I might try to fabricate something since it seems to not be something readily available
  21. Is there a product by dpa or similar that might allow a standard lav to be converted to a headworn mic? I found the DPA d:fine Dual Earhook which looks like a replacement for existing dpa headset mics but cant seem to find the right headset config to drop a mic into and put the lav close to the mouth with a windscreen etc
  22. osa

    Tilta Zombie Rig

    Kinda goes the opposite direction of light n nimble
  23. I too use the black eneloop pro’s with great success for many years. i keep them numbered and rotate them, they hold charge really well over a few weeks at least with slight dips. There definitely is a charging rythm that is device specific i.e. trx’s n rx200’s i charge the morning of whereas erx’s and sennheiser g2’s i can let them set for weeks and still make it thru a full day. So i have color coded battery cases to split these up, and newest batteries with highest numbers stay specifically for the higher draw devices mentioned above. I do believe the chargers like the 16 bank titanium chargers help in the long run with proper charging and periodic refreshing vs the lesser quality 4 bank chargers sold it kits
  24. I purchased a 6061, but using the 6060 I have had success so far riding zmt levels around 10 and pushing towards zero when i know it will be loud and have had much better success “neverclipping”. I hope soon to work with same talent and hopefully able to get him to duplicate his sudden yell with these settings and see if my hypothesis based on suggestions here is correct in that i overloaded at the transmitter with too high of a gain setting. But, 6061 I think will protect even further in the future.
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