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  1. This has already been posted to some effect on a couple of FB groups, but there are folks here that don't journey into the meta. My cart for the last many years was much larger as it housed a much heavier and extensive amount of components. I kept using the rig even as the gear became smaller and was capable of even more functionality. I decided it was time to re-think my set up and look for a more ergonomic and smaller footprint. I wanted a standing rig (yes, I sit during set ups and when not mixing), and something that would be more nimble in getting into tight spots. Looked at several different manufactures and custom cart rigs and settled on the Inovativ Deploy as the base structure. Needed some covers and extra bits here and there to fulfill the demands of production, travel and safety. Photos below are what we've ended up with. Always a work in progress but so far happy with the results.
  2. Send them back for replacement switches. I've got 4 that I rotate due to the same issue. It's a thing, but the mic serves such a great purpose that I deal with the constant repair/replace. I personally believe the switch that is used has great feel but does not actually live up the the "use life" (how many times it can work over it's intended life). I've had discussions with the RA folks in the past about this and it comes up now and again.
  3. We're really happy with this first installment of our CAS Podcast. Peter produced a great episode. Thanks for giving it a listen. Phil
  4. Phil Palmer

    Playback rig

    Hello GD...sorry for the long delay in response. I've been a bit slammed on a gig at present. As for Dante on a production sound cart, it's a very elegant way to provide I/O between decks, console and computer. My Dante rig consists of a Yamaha O1v with a Dante card, two Sound Devices PIX260's (audio only mode...), and a MacBook Pro for all things networking and playback. I have the Dante network in Star Mode with everything plugged into a Gigabit switch. The MacBook is running Dante Virtual Sound Card so the audio I/O of protools shows up on the Dante network, assignable to wherever I like. I bring in as many outputs as I need into my console and route as necessary. It's usually as easy as one or two tracks, but we can go as deep as you like. All the best, Phil
  5. Phil Palmer

    Playback rig

    I'm a ProTools person after years of playback on various shows. When discussing playback sessions with editorial and post, I am usually put in contact with the music supervisor. If it's a complicated playback situation, I can have them build a nice session with clicks, thumps, music stems, TC as audio, etc. and have it sent directly to me. When given a few minutes, I can build the same with a stereo music track. It's such a versatile program that I find it essential. As for interface, since my rig I/O is Dante, I have Dante Virtual Sound Card on my laptop. I can assign as many tracks as I want to my console via Dante Controller. Usually it's a mono mix/buss, click and thump, and sometimes TC. Then I can feed it to whatever I need, earwigs/speakers or sub for thump. Sounds complicated, but it really isn't when you start putting it together. Hope that all made sense... Phil
  6. Thanks Jeff. Looking forward to seeing everyone in September,
  7. Mitchell Gebhard crushing it on Better Call Saul season 3
  8. I'm changing up the monitor situ on my cart (again). Adding a pullout screen and using a Decimator Design DMON-6S as a multi-viewer. There are a few monitor options out there, but only a couple that I've seen on rigs. The DataVideo and the one offered by Rackmountmart.com are two I've seen in use. Here are the links: http://www.datavideo.com/us/product/TLM-170PM http://rackmountmart.com/rmLCD/lcd1U17-018.htm If anyone has any experience with these, or any others (good/bad/indifferent) please let me know. Thanks and much appreciated.
  9. Hello Blas, Sorry to read of your troubles. In troubleshoot mode, have you simply tried a single device...say the Yamaha O1v off the inverter/distro (Furman)? Also, I read that you are using a conditioner after the Inverter output, not a regulator. A regulator would cause some interesting draw fluctuations. The conditioner is just a really good power strip. I use a Furman AR1215 before the Inverter. And a conditioner/strip after the output. If you are running your whole cart off the output of the inverter, as this is how I read it, you might be into a load issue. I think I mentioned to you that I run all DC off a PSC Powerstar and only the AC items (Yamaha and a Fostex RM2 speaker) off the Xantrex HF1000 inverter system. The load on the inverter is super light, but it serves me well. That said, I would start with eliminating all items, then adding them to see where the problem occurs. Hard to armchair troubleshoot, but that's a good start. PWP
  10. The word from Yamaha is: We are currently testing the compatibility of Yamaha products with Mac OS X El Capitan (10.11) operating system. The compatibility information for each softwares and drivers will be regularly updated on this page, please see the chart below in order to see the current support status. http://yamahacommercialaudiosystems.com/downloads_brwstype_detail.php?prodID=1019&doc_type=Firmware Which I read as ... it doesn't work, and we'll let you know.
  11. After updating to El Capitan (10.11.4) the current version of Yamaha Studio Manager and Editor don't appear to recognize the older VCM consoles as a Host. Has anyone found a work around for this? Apparently the O1v96i isn't a problem. Thanks all.
  12. Finally have an update and picture to complete this thread. I highly recommend mycasebuilder.com. Here's the rack drawer.
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