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  1. I used the Sxs8 from 1989-2006 and then the SX-STD from 2006-2018 when I retired. The ST is superior in many ways both sonically and ergonomics. The preamp/limiter structure is better as well.The dual rail faders made a huge difference. Headroom on the ST is better. The Sxs is a lovely mixer and still is the backup mixer for my boom op who bought the whole kit and is now mixing. If you are careful with your gain settings and don't mind riding the global gain knob during high dynamic scenes, the Sxs is an inexpensive "proper" console. There is not a better location mixer made than the SX-ST.
  2. I wonder if the TC once jammed will pass-thru via USB to Boom Recorder or equivalent?
  3. We use the Sennheiser SKM 300 because it has a programmable mute button. You can easily set it up as PTT. We have two matched wireless systems and two QSC 10's. If we need to fill a larger area, we connect the second Sennheiser receiver up to the second QSC so it works wirelessly as well. Couldn't be happier with the speakers. They have great fidelity and are VERY loud if you want them to be. Set the squelch to high on the receiver in a heavy RF environment. Hope this helps.
  4. I also bought my my 744T in 2005. Use it's SPdif and TC out into a Motu and Boom Recorder. STILL USING THIS SAME SETUP 12 YEARS LATER! Always wanted 8+1 tracks and this was the only easy way to do it in 2005. Roughly 2000+ shoot days without incident. I purchased the Sonosax ST8D in 2006 with the hope it's internal recorder would be comprehensive enough to use but it never came to fruition and the very important need to easily input metadata still isn't fully developed. Great mixing board tho. Maybe the R4+ will be fully operational (Dante' Metadata ect...) some day but I think I'll have hung up the headphones by then.
  5. I am a huge fan of Sonosax mixing consoles but hearing about catastrophic equipment failure scares the hell out of me. Did you have a backup?
  6. I agree with both Jacques and Jeff. I bought my first Sonosax in 1989. I had come from Post Production and knew the sound quality of Neve and Neumann. I still do a mono mix and somewhere around 97% of my MONO mix is what ends up on the dubbing stage for final finess'. I use my current ST8D eq all day long with every mic both lav and boom. Don't dispare Mr. Sax. We are all trying to get the best quality of tracks possible and your products have made this possible in a rapidly changing recording environment. Je suis d'accord à la fois avec Jacques et Jeff . Je l'ai acheté mon premier Sonosax en 1989. Je venais de post-production et je savais que la qualité sonore de Neve et Neumann . Je fais toujours un mélange de mono et quelque part autour de 97 % de mon MONO MIX est ce qui finit sur la scène de doublage pour la finesse finale ». Je utiliser mon eq ST8D courant tout au long de la journée avec tous les micro lav fois et la bôme . Ne pas dispare Mr. Sax . Nous essayons tous d'obtenir la meilleure qualité de pistes possibles tous les jours et de vos produits avons rendu cela possible dans un environnement d'enregistrement en évolution rapide.
  7. I really like what all the major manufacturers are producing for our niche industry. One of the things that was really helpful in the original Sonosax SX8 was the integrated slide out shelf. That is where my script pages are pasted for easy reference during filming. I wonder if SD could make an optional set of slightly raised wood (or even aluminum) sides with notches for a slide out plexi lid?
  8. A very nice looking unit overall. Add a slate mic and boom op out would be nice but not necessary for me as I would be feeding it from ST8D. If the Dante ouput works, I would feed Boom Recorder. I hope the config and data is easy to set up via WIFI and easy to change.
  9. Ramsay

    Deva 32

    Thanks Jeff, I didn't catch the EQ info.
  10. Ramsay

    Deva 32

    I don't understand why there isn't anything more than a HP filter. I use subtle eq on my ST8D all day long when I am on set. Nice set of features tho.
  11. Can you ask if they are planning an updated internal recorder for the ST8D and if it will have similar features? I've only been waiting 8 years for the internal recorder to be complete enough to actually motivate me to fill the empty slot on my board. Thanks!
  12. Try to get ahold of our local IASTE 891 avails list. 604-664-8916
  13. I used the Blueline for years as my main dialogue mic. I had used Shoeps and Neumann previously, but the interference from camera transmitters became an issue. I use the MKH 50's now, but the Blueline was an excellent mic.
  14. Mr. Sax, Will you be building a hardware version of this to fit in my ST8D as a 16 track internal recorder? It would be nice to record 9+ tracks with easy metadata entry.
  15. This interests me....If it's simple and fast to use. Metadatas management through the TFT colour touch screen or by smart phones or tablets through integrated WiFi
  16. Thanks a Richard. That's a great solution- both of them!
  17. Thanks for the replies. I use the Sonosax SX8D as my console. I'm wondering how Boom Recorder would pick up the TC from the Dante feed from the 970? The 970 being the master clock/recorder. Senator, in the world of series TV, the camera assistants are sometimes asking for the slate number as we we are rolling camera. Times have changed. Now on to an even more complicated idea I had. I'd like to create a FOH setup where I can be far from the smoky set and use a dante feed from the set using the Bob system Lectrosonics makes. I'd like to send the feed from all my radios into the BOB, Cat 5 it directly in to the 970, take an analogue pass through feed of up to 8 channels into my Somosax, mix the scene and output my mono mix back to the 970 all in real time. This is a bit complicated and just a mental excercise at this point, but I'm wondering if it would actually be possible, as we wait for Dante consoles to appear. Cheers, Patrick
  18. I've just sent this request in to SD regarding the 970; I would like to stay in the main record window, push an "f" key on my keyboard and immediately be able to either toggle to the next slate letter, or input the new scene and take. I need to be able to do this quickly and efficiently because there are only a few seconds between the time I hear the slate and the director says action. I also may have to add info to the note field and I don't want to move out of the main screen if possible. Also, I have used Boom Recorder with good success for many years. How could I take the Dante output of the 970 and run Boom Recorder on a Mac with virtual sound card. has anyone tried this? thanks, Patrick
  19. Iif I purchased the S D 970, could I output via Dante TC and audio directly to a laptop running Dante vitrtual software and run Boom Recorder as a backup? thanks, Patrick
  20. I've had my Sonosax SX8D for seven years. I've been waiting for a proper internal recorder as promised, since I bought it. Sonosax does not follow up and is too small to provide the kind of updates and feedback you get from Sound Devices and other vendors. If Sound Devices came out with a similar mixer/recorder, I suspect that would be the end of Sonosax. Beautiful products, but too mom and pop for professional users.
  21. Found this on the internet.....The video was viewed tens of thousands of times and reported on news sites before questions over its authenticity were first raised. It has since emerged that the 'reporter', Martje Oesterholt, was not actually a reporter at all but rather a marketing consultant working for a local sailing company. In the conveniently leaked footage, Ms Oesterholt starts her supposed coverage by walking up to Kampen mayor Bort Koelewijn, who just happens to be waiting for her on a boat beside an open gate. After accidentally trying to lean on a rope, Ms Oesterholt loses her balance and tumbles into the water. The hapless mayor quickly reacts by ripping off his earpiece and throwing the now soaked Ms Oesterholt a lifebuoy, which she manages to grab a hold of before the tape goes black. It is believed the stunt was orchestrated by the Sail Kampden group in order to raise awareness for the upcoming Easter music festival held in the Dutch city
  22. If Sonosax and Sound Devices worked together, it would be a killer combination of superb quality mix surfaces and excellent recorders....Maybe an offshoot of both companies Sono-Devices. Specifically targeting cart based mixers/recorders.
  23. Could someone explain how machine control and metadata works through Pixnet? Could I use an iPad like we do with the 788T? Thanks.
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