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  1. Does the length of the cable from the sma to the board,make a different to the length of the antenna?
  2. Hi may i know how much is shipping to Singapore?
  3. What is the difference of the green rim and the red rim?
  4. Anyone know the link for repair? I am thjnking of sending mine in direct to Schoeps. Thanks!!!!
  5. Beside the point. Did you have rf interference from 2.4ghz to sd633?
  6. May i know how mich is shipping to Singapore?
  7. Hmm some how i lost Rich contact. Can anyone kindly pass me his contact please? Thanks!!
  8. Hi do you think you can share how you fixed your front wheels and back wheels? Even better there to buy them? I am base in Singapore and it is hard to find them. Even better if you can help me buy them and sell them to me? Thanks!!!
  9. Another thing... the grey rubber thingy that run around the top of the nagra 4 st... can i buy that from some where?
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