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    I have more than five years experience working as a production sound mixer and audio engineer, specializing in physical production for ENG, General Video, and Film Production in all aspects including Independent Narrative Film, Industrial PSA's and training videos to National Commercial spots and Radio Advertisements

    As an independent contractor, kit owner, and operator, it is of the highest importance to me to provide the best quality in production audio for the purposes of editing and eventually mixing for the finished product. So far as location and environments permit, collaboratively I always get the best audio I can using only the industry standard in quality in regard to professional grade mixers, microphones, and recorders available for this purpose.

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  1. The Lectro PCA900, thank you Larry and all.
  2. If I get a receiver in this block, what external antenna should I get?
  3. I havent had a lot of chances to use it, but a few times I had talent with super skin tight pants on and it worked really well. Mainly It saved me a couple of minutes. Those minutes mean a lot with a cranky 1st AD breathing down your neck...
  4. Thank you Eric! Thank you Snowman, its great to be here! It's good to know should anything arise, I can send the rental house info along to production as well. Cheers! Jaspar
  5. Hi All, I'm on a crew travelling about Colorado and finally made it into Denver, I'm doing great, but want to have an action plan or resource just in case. Anyone know an audio store that caters to us or an audio brother/sister that can help me out in/around Denver should a problem arise? Hope all are well! Jaspar
  6. Hi Guys, I am in fact back in the Bay Area, though when this was happeing I was driving down the 5 to LA. These mixers are fun, and need to happen more often! Best, Jaspar djaspar@gmail.com
  7. Alan, it was an interactive sci-fi media piece for the iPad. Should be pretty interesting when it's done. Not much else I can say.
  8. Jamesburg Earth Station in the Carmel Valley. 5 days of Parkour and Pyro
  9. Any place that carries the SLA type Batts in LA? looking to bypass shipping...
  10. I've been in LA For 6 months now, I like LA but the market place is really watered down for somebody trying to get in. Somebody said to me once that in LA there about 500 mixers per square mile, and whether or not it's true, I'm starting to believe him. Anywhere you go, you are going to have to network like crazy. I'm finding that the others on this thread are right, getting into the union isn't really the main goal in respect to finding work right off the bat. It's hard to say, you could be there for a couple of months and start hitting or you could be there for years and constantly struggle.
  11. This is my first time hearing about it! I loved going in there to buy Neutrik connectors or mics and dealing with Mark's snarky remarks at the accessory desk! Best part of my day... Leo's was never really a location sales house, nor did they try to be, but if you needed something they'd bend over backwards to get it to you. Fast. 20 years I've been shopping there...
  12. Me too, doc for social justice is a weakness of mine...
  13. I've been wondering about this myself, I tend to wear the rig and do a lot of one man band stuff so I generally don't think about reports, or I have to go home listen to everything I did that day and create PDFs with Wave Agent. Otherwise, I'd keep the communication clear and upfront with the Scripty or AD. I was using paper sound reports, but I like the idea of PDFs at the end of the day in the daily folder over paper. Small crew directors and producers seem to like it too. Sound Report Writer Or MovieSlate, thanks guys, I was looking for this!
  14. And preparation = Victory Good stuff. Love the above Quote! I'm new to the Los Angeles Area, I was in San Francisco, and didn't too bad in that area. But you can't go back as they say. I do, however get to play the "if I had to do it all over again" thing! There's a lot of bad mixers here. Fact of life. I can't get good paying jobs here because nobody know me, but I can get great sound for the productions that actually hire me for what jobs I can get. It's going to take some time - that's all there is to it. What you set out in life to do, do it well. The rest will come, eventually. H
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