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  1. Thank you very much wandering ear!
  2. Thanks Reg! You are right but I think its wide shot,so on-board mic would be useless. EnotsMedia,as I said its live facebook event so slate or clap sync cant work.
  3. Hello guys! Friend of mine wants to do a live-facebook shooting with a smartphone.Its too early to know the exact phone. The audio needs is two wireless mics.How can plug the two mics in smartphone?
  4. Hello guys! UK production coming from London to Greece for one week-documentary.What I have to ask for me and sound equipment (664,4 lectros,1 boom) in Euro?
  5. Thank you guys!! I am going to order..
  6. Hello guys!! I am thinking to buy AD256 to use it with 664 or HS-P82 for feauture films.I would like to know if someone has experience with this mixer,any thoughts about? Thanks
  7. Hello guys! No problem with my recorder before.Everythig was perfect! What is the DS Ultra Master reset sequence? I am not recording mix track.Just iso tracks.
  8. I am using the headphone jack on the front of the recorder.Any idea?I am in the middle of feauture film and I dont what to do!!
  9. As the title says I can`t control the headphones out.I hear steady in the same volume.No min-no max.Any thoughts?
  10. Hello Matthias, Don`t worry!Its very simple.Happened to me very often.Unscrewed the sections.You have to screw every section to each other.Time to time you have to check it!
  11. Grahh!! I still cant use my small usb keyboard (I am using an adapter).What a pity! Can I hope for the next firmware Tom? Take Renaming and Line level Input trim works great!
  12. arri

    Tascam HS-P82 Users

    Great Tom, Screen access and Transport shortcuts from a PS/2 keyboard. I can`t wait...
  13. Hello guys! As you can see I am a big fan of Tascam.I have four HDP2-one HSP82-M-208 mixer and just bought a DR-40.The last two years I am in love with HSP82.Very easy and flexible recorder with very clear preamps! **I am waiting from Tascam (please Tom forward my wish ) to make me a gift-the DR-680.
  14. picture from the set..
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